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SuperStardust HD V4.00

Wow, with V2.40 for the PS3 coming out, what’s next? V4.00 for SuperStardust HD of course! How ELSE are you going to be able to obtain Trophies? No other way sir.

Well, I’m at about 30% myself, or at least I think I am. I hope I’m at around 90%, I want to start racking up the Trophies! Well, I’m off for the night, I’ll give impressions of Trophies, the Trophy system and In-Game XMB.

Also, if you want Trophy Support right away, if you purchase, or I guess for that matter, re-install SuperStardust HD, V4.00 will already be there and you will be able to collect Trophies right away.

And don’t forget: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune will also be getting Trophy Support, “In the foreseeable future.”

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