MonsterVine Forums have launched!

Yessir, the forums have officially launched.

Mind you, phpBB 3.0.3. is one very squeaky clean build (released November 12, 2008), so it’s still got a few blips that hopefully don’t ruin the forum experience.

The development of the forums was a stressful one, seeing as how Zack was originally opposed to the idea! Well, among other things really. But anyway, after seeing what catastrophe befall the comments section of our Rebuttal article: The Western Mechanic: What Actually Needs Fixing (Rebuttal to IGN article on Square-Enix), it became clear that if we at MonsterVine are to continue putting out editorials of such nature, it would be best to give readers a much more organized place to express their thoughts and opinions, because clearly the progressive narrowing margins of our paragraphs, and the endless scrolling to find the person we were debating with is far too undeserving of our efforts.

And thus, the forums were born. Frankly, being a site that thrives on expressing ourselves through the written word, I really didn’t see why we couldn’t have one. And so, two pain-staking nights later–with both my limbs and life intact–the forums are now here.

You can find the link to the forum at the top right of this page!

1 Comment

1 Comment

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