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SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 Review

SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 is a collection of games that were all released on the Neo Geo back in the early-mid nineties.  It features sixteen games in total (one must be unlocked) and whilst not being a definitive list of games, they will certainly push the nostalgia button for the most part.  Further leaning towards the feeling of nostalgia is the fact that many of the games are inferior in terms of graphics and animation in comparison to later releases on the console.

This is pretty much as good as it gets

Although SNK is mainly known for their in depth fighting games, that is not all they have done and this is proved by the selection of games in the pack.  There is a wide array of genres from fighting to sports and the variety will please many a fan of the console.  That said, the original versions of the games would probably work better than their emulated counterparts.  In all of the games sound effects appeared to be on a half-second delay the first time they were heard, then fine for the remainder of the session.  As an example, the first time you throw a grenade in Metal Slug, it will explode and just as the animation is finishing, you will hear the explosion.  This problem is off – putting but easily forgettable once all of the sounds have loaded properly.  The main exception here is Shock Troopers which actually freezes up momentarily when loading up a new sound which makes the game almost unplayable for the opening instances of each level.

SNK doesn't only make fighting games. . .

Frequent, extensive loading times are another problem with this collection.  Just loading up the menu of games to choose from seems to take an age and then once you have selected which game you wish to play, there will be another lengthy loading time.  Coupled with the loading times and the aforementioned sound problems, the majority of the games have the tendency to freeze up occasionally for about half a second seemingly at random.  This can really mess with your enjoyment and ability to actually play the games especially during the more important moments.

. . .But it's what they're best at

The collection may not be an ultimate compilation of Neo Geo games but the games that are there are certainly enough to get somebody who was a fan of the console interested in purchasing the collection for nostalgic purposes.  It is could also be a good buy for those who wish to experience some of the games that paved the way for more modern titles.  That being said, some really jarring technical issues and downright brutal loading times can really be a put off to those not really dedicated on playing these olden classics.

The Final Word

SNK Arcade Classics does have the subtitle vol.1 which surely means that a second collection is on the way. Hopefully the second version will perform much better in a technical sense. That said this collection is definitely worth a look if you are a die – hard Neo Geo fan or if you are interested in these games given that you are able to put up with the various performance issues.

– MonsterVine Rating: Average

By Andy Jackson

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