SDCC 09: Left 4 Dead 2 ‘Swamp Fever’ Screenshots

Left 4 Dead 2 will be showcased at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Developer Valve was kind of enough to pass along new screenshots and details of the sequel.

Among the screenshots are the mudmen which are the “uncommon common” foe during the Swamp Fever campaign. In addition, there is a new boss encounter called “The Spitter.”

Valve explained that “the female Spitter has an area attack that can split up Survivors or flush them out of their hiding spots.” The company stated that the AK47 and a grenade launcher will be included among the “20 plus new items” in the sequel with other new items including a chainsaw, frying pan, axe, and a cricket bat.

The game will contain five new campaigns, two have been revealed – Swamp Fever and The Parish, set in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Returning modes include Campaign, Versus, and Survival with the addition of a new mode that has yet to be announced.

Expect one more new Boss infected to be revealed before the game officially releases for Xbox 360 and PC on November 17.

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