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Microtastic Reviews: Zombie Edition

Plants vs Zombies
Developer: Popcap Games
Price: $3 Dollars
Platform: iPhone
Genre: Tower Defense

There is something delightful about the charming simplicity of Popcap’s titles, and Plants vs Zombies continues this legacy. Much like Peggle and any of its past franchises, Plants vs Zombies takes a single round to comprehend all of its basic rules. Though it never becomes difficult to progress, there is always a continued sense of mystery due to the constant experimentation that it asks of the user. It differentiates itself from most tower defense games, by relying on the constant variation of enemy (ie Zombies) and weapon (ie Plants) types. The player is rewarded with a new armament after each round but the structure of the game never forces the player to adapt to a certain play style. Include this with an attractive art style and practical iphone controls, making the 3 dollar price tag much too easy to swallow.

Final Score – Excellent

Age of Zombies
Developer: Halfbrick
Price: $5
Platform: PSP (available from the PSN store)
Genre: 2D shooter

A sweet but short PSP mini that seems to be a long lost version of Left 4 Dead for Super Nintendo. You are placed in five different time eras where the sole goal is to outlive and massacre large hordes of zombies including bosses that come in such forms as a T-Rex zombie. Though the humor is a bit exaggerated and hits several low notes through the brevity of the adventure, it still retains some of the quirky charm seen in 16 bit games such as Earthworm Jim. The five levels last about an hour and half but it is definitely a game deserving of several playthroughs specifically by experimenting with different guns and strategies for higher scores.

Final Score – Good

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