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Slam Bolt Scrappers Review

Slam Bolt Scrappers
Developer: Fire Hose Games
Price: $14.99
Platform: PS3

Slam Bolt Scrappers is a hybrid of puzzles and brawling, which with three friends, can call for some exciting moments and intense shouting matches, but is there enough content in the end of the day to make this game worth its $14.99 price point?

Not exactly.

I enjoyed the concept of the game, which tasks players with building towers by combining different color blocks that build different types of weapons, while fighting enemies in quick melee combat. Players scramble around to fight enemies known as Baddies, whom drop different color blocks indicated by their individual color. Once players collect the blocks, they must assemble them on their platform into squares that morph into different types of weapons. Some of the weapons are projectile type weapons, while others shoot out a laser beam or electricity. The blocks can be built up to make larger weapons that deal out more damage. Unfortunately the unique and enjoyable game play can get old quickly, despite new Baddie types introduced in later levels, and new weapons. I finished the main campaign around an hour and a half, which left me disappointed with the lack of content. In that short time, I became bored with the game play, and was left uninterested. The main campaign can be done cooperatively, but I was not able to try this. Challenges are available to those who want to complete 100% of the game, which can pump more hours into this title that otherwise lacks replay value.

The level design is interesting, offering environment dangers that can either destroy your blocks, or inhibit you from building weapons, but there is not enough levels to keep me interested and on my toes. Visually I was hooked to the game, which provided a cartoon look with bright colors popping out, and accompanied with an amusing and catchy soundtrack. Bosses are introduced in a few levels and I was satisfied with those battles. Players must find the bosses weakness, while being sure to build up their weapons and fight off Baddies for more blocks. There are only a few bosses, but each provides a higher level of difficulty, which could lead to longer, fulfilling fights.

I found that the most of fun in Slam Bolt Scrappers, is in the Battleground mode, which allows you set up your own custom fights with either A.I controlled opponents, or three of your friends. It can get pretty competitive in Battleground, but it is restricted to local multiplayer only, so if you don’t have three friends to enjoy this fun mode, then you can’t really get the full experience.

The Final Word: The Battleground mode shows potential with the help of the unique concept, but unfortunately with out a group of people to enjoy the game with, the game play can quickly grow old. With the lack of content, and hook, I find it hard to justify Slam Bolt Scrappers $14.99 price point, but I still feel Fire Hose Games has created a fun concept, and some people, especially a group of friends looking for a multiplayer brawler, will find a lot of fun moments with this title.

– MonsterVine Rating: 3 out of 5 – Average

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