New Smash ‘N’ Survive Screenshots+Trailer

The upcoming car combat game Twisted Metal Smash ‘N’ Survive rolls out with some new screenshots, details on the game modes, and a new video. Smash ‘N’ Survive smashes onto PSN on February 22.

In total 19 missions are on offer in the single player and also there are various game modes available in Single Player and multiplayer modes for players to compete in and include the following gameplay competitions:-

· Check Point Race
· Mosh Pit which is destruction derby mode
· Boost Me Up which is pickup collection by performing various stunts
· Gang Wars which is team derby mode
· Find Your Mate which is escorting your mate to the safe zone from an enemy dominated place
· Plant Bomb which is planting and diffusing a bomb in enemy category
· Territory Control

Players unlock new stages and rewards as they progress through the campaign based on times they have achieved, as they compete in one of ten environments including the Stadium, Arena, Black Market, Junk Yard, Factory and Ship. Each new stage offers a new objective to be completed from surviving the onslaught attack of enemy vehicles in mosh pit to completing a set of stunts as you compete against the stop watch in check point. Later stages include planting and defending a strategically placed bomb and escort missions.

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1 Comment

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