Anomaly Korea – Preview – More “Blowy and Glowy”


Anomaly Korea takes the innovative tower offense formula established in Warzone Earth and addresses criticisms while continuing to push the limits of mobile visuals.

11 Bit Studios is releasing the followup to their successful twist on the tower defense genre this month, and it is one of the best looking games I have seen on an iPad.

Senior writer, Pawel Miechowski, said that the studio is focused on “Pushing visuals as much as we can.” To do this they are taking advantage of the latest generation of mobile technology. The game looks stunning running on the fourth generation iPad, and even more impressive on the Samsung GalaxyS 3. Detailed textures, 3D buildings, particle effects and dynamic lighting showcase the impressive art style of the game.

The first game was a technical showcase, paired with interesting combat but was criticized for having poor quality voice acting. This time things sound a lot better. 11 bit hired professional video game voice actress Lani Minella,  to take the main role.

Changes have also been made to some of the gameplay elements to keep the game feeling fresh.  New situation power upgrades can be earned. One new power is “Boost” which increases the damage of units while they are in the circle.

New mission goals will also be included. Instead of players just moving from point A to point B, objectives like: Clear all enemies from different locations, or stay alive within a specific area until the timer runs out.  These new mission objectives prevent things from feeling stale, and force players to plan their attacks differently.

No official release date has been given, but we can expect Anomaly Korea to hit the App & Play stores in the next few weeks (before Christmas) priced around $4. No console release is planned, however the studio is looking into releasing the game for Windows and Blackberry devices.

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1 Comment

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