Wii Mini Getting US Release


While the Wii is halting production in Japan, here in the US we are getting a hardware revision previously only available in Canada, the Wii Mini will be available for purchase Nov. 17 at $99.

If you are thinking about picking up an older console this fall instead of one of the new ones, Nintendo is releasing their budget version of their Wii.

It is $50 cheaper than most other Wii hardware SKUs and comes with Mario Kart Wii, but it also comes with a lot of removed features. There is no SD slot, no WiFi connection, and only has one USB port. If you are looking for a cheap entry into the world of the Wii’s motion gaming with local multiplayer then this is probably a good thing to pick up.

But if you are looking for something fully featured, you’d be better off spending a little more money and getting a regular Wii, or even a Wii U.

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