BioWare, Riot Games, Capcom and Blizzard Veterans Team Up for Dauntless

At the recent Video Game Awards, Phoenix Labs, a dev roup made up of Capcom, Blizzard, Bioware, and Riot Games veterans, announced that they will be collaborating on a brand new online co-op action RPG, dubbed Dauntless. With a free-to-play model, Dauntless puts players in the role of a Slayer, stuck on a shattered and desolate world as they battle enormous Behemoths in order to survive. Jesse Houston, co-founder and President at Phoenix Labs, commented on the game:

“Phoenix Labs is made up of the most talented and passionate game developers in the world. We make games because we love to play them, and we want to share these experiences with gamers everywhere. We’ve taken inspiration from games like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and World of Warcraft to create a new, gripping gaming experience.”

Dauntless releases for PC in 2017. For more information, check out the trailer above.

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