Spike Chunsoft Unveils A Plethora of Launch Dates, Including Danganronpa V3

Spike Chunsoft took to GDC 2017 to announced a number of launch dates for some of their biggest upcoming titles. Danganronpa received the most announcements, starting with Ultra Despair Girls‘s PC release date, July 27th. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony will release on September 26th for the PS4, while the VR prequel to V3Cyber Danganronpa: Class Trial will release on March 7th, and will be free for PS Plus members.

Next, after a surprising 10-year hiatus, Fire Pro Wresting World  by director Tomoyuki Matsumoto, is arriving on the PS4 and PC, with Steam Early Access confirmed for this Summer.

Next up, director and writer Kotaro Uchikoshi revealed his new project, code-named Psync, alongside new details for the Nine HoursNine Persons Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward HD collection for the PC, which will release on March 24th.

Finally, the critically acclaimed visual novel 428: Shibuya Scramble will release in North America for PS4 and PC next year. Mitsutoshi Sakurai, President & CEO for Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd., commented on the announcements:

“We are thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response that our titles have enjoyed in the west, and are honored by the reception from the media about our upcoming portfolio of games. The exciting return of Fire Pro Wrestling and 428, along with games from the Danganronpa series, The Nonary Games collection and Project Psync are just the beginning. We’re dedicated to localizing even more games in the future and want to hear what fans want next!”

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