Blue Reflection Story Trailer Is About Magical School Girls

In our first look at GUST Studios’s Blue Reflection, we’re entreated to a visual cornucopia of magical elements and mysteries as protagonist Hinako Shirai. You see, its all about the mundane school life for Hinako until one day her life gets flipped turned upside down after meeting middle school friend Sanae Nishida.

Afterwards, we’re whisked into the weird, mysterious parallel dimension called ‘The Common,’ a distillation of the unconscious human collective where troubles await. Here you collect crystallized emotion fragments, a manifestation of your classmates’ struggles.

It is also where Hinako discovers her Reflector powers and harnesses those powerful magical abilities using the power of friendship and emotions.

I’m not making this up guys, just look at the trailer below for more story details about the parallel world, Reflector abilities, and school life in Blue Reflection.

Blue Reflection releases September 26 for Playstation 4 and PC via Steam.


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