Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Coming to the PS4

At Anime Expo this weekend, Bandai Namco announced that Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, based on the Studio Trigger’s Little Witch Academia, will be released for the PS4 and PC next year. The upcoming 3D action-RPG beat-em-up will feature an original storyline, though its canonicity has yet to be confirmed. The official synopsis for Chamber of Time is as follows:

“Having been inspired by a famous witch named Shiny Chariot, an ordinary girl named Atsuko (Akko) Kagari enrolls at Luna Nova Magical Academy, a prestigious school for young girls training to become witches. Before starting summer vacation, Akko and her new classmates find out about an inexplicable phenomenon at Luna Nova caused by the Seven Wonders, which has been passed down for several centuries. Now it’s up to Akko as she takes on the adventure to unravel the mystery surrounding the Seven Wonders.”

For more information on Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, keep checking out MonsterVine for the latest news.

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