Flying Power Disc – A Windjammers Frisbee

Something you never thought would happen, has happened. Windjammers is being re-released for PS4 and Vita. Lucky enough for you, we were sent a modern creation of what inspired the original game, and here’s our review of the Flying Power Disc.

Windjammers Frisbee
Developer: Wham-O, Frisbee
Price: $12
Platforms: Real Life
MonsterVine was provided with the Flying Power Disc for review

The Weight

Tipping the scales at 175g (6.17 oz) this official Frisbee, Wham-O produced flying disc is regulation weight. This means not only will it not only meet your Net-Based, flying power disc sport requirements, but your friends won’t be able to refuse it from your next casual Ultimate match. I personally tested the disc in a large dusty lot. Living in a desert I usually prefer a 180g disc, the heavy discs are better at preventing cactus thorns and rocks from piercing through the plastic, and carry more momentum once they hit the Arizona dirt. I saw very little difference, in low distance performance, and the benefit of being 175g means you might even be able to sneak into a disc golf tournament without being turned away, but for that I’d still recommend sticking to a full traditional, golf set if you want to remain competitive.


The Rim

This is perhaps the weakest component of the Flying Power Disc. The Frisbee way is to have a steeper edge that some of the other brands of discs out there, causing a bit of discomfort when using for long periods of time. I didn’t notice any major discomfort over the short periods of play I had with it, and imagine it won’t become a major issue when trying to recreate the ‘94 Flying Power Disc World Championships in your local park. Just something to note if you plan on repurposing for other sports.

The Feel

Solid. Well built. Polished. Fan’s of the classic Frisbee are sure to love the Windjammers branded disc.  The outer edge of the disc has textured rings to help with grip and the dense plastic is rigid, preventing any major dents or bending during use. I had a lot of fun just holding the disc, and even when I grew tired from running and throwing I still enjoyed just spinning the disc between my hands.

The Final Word

The Final Word
Windjamming isn’t for everyone, it requires dedication, diligence, discipline, diving and dodging. If you are looking for a new disc to add to your arsenal you can do no wrong by picking up the official Flying Power Disc of Windjammers. If you are looking for it to meet your very specific Ultimate or Golf requirements, you better just stick to official guidelines and club recommendations. Overall: it’s a Frisbee. You know what this is. Go outside and have fun. Or stay inside and play Windjammers..

MonsterVine Rating: 3.5 out of 5 – Fair

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