Hyakki Castle Brings Japanese Real-Time Strategy to PC This Year

Happinet has announced that they will be bringing their 3D dungeon-crawling RPG, Hyakki Castle, to Steam this Winter. Taking place in a haunted mystical castle in Japan, players will battle legendary and mythical creatures from Japanese folklore. Further highlights include Okiyo-e style graphics and ghost lore inspired by famous ancient Japanese scrolls and artists.

Masaru Saito of Happinet commented on the game and its upcoming release:

“We wanted to bring a fresh new approach and subject matter to this generation of dungeon RPG gamers. Hyakki Castle borrows from a rich period of time in Japan’s ancient history and aims to deliver a memorable experience through our strong Japanese warrior classes along with unusual monsters and supernatural creatures that are unique to Japanese folklore.”

For more information on Hyakki Castle, check out the trailer above.

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