A Victor is Crowned at the Summoners War 2017 World Tournament

Com2us has announced the winner of the inaugural Summoners War 2017 World Tournament at the Microsoft Theater. After defeating PSY! and ShallowX, Tomato has come out on top and won $20, 000 in front of 3,000 local fans and many more online viewers.

Casey Lee, CEO of Com2us USA., commented on Tomato’s victory:

“Congratulations to Tomato on becoming our inaugural Summoners War World Arena champion. We continue to be amazed at the support, dedication and passion of our players and community. Not only did we have fans lining up to attend the day before, we saw an all-time record in online viewership of Summoners War with fans tuning in from all around the world. Next year, we plan to go even bigger.”

The entire tournament can be viewed in parts on the official Summoners War YouTube channel.

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