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Battle Chef Brigade Review and Wrap-Up

Battle Chef Brigade
Developer: Trinket Studios
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Price: $19.99
Consoles: Switch (Reviewed)
MonsterVine was provided a Switch code for review purposes

Final Word

“Hunt to Table!” is the perfect self-prescribed description for Battle Chef Brigade which places you inside a monster-filled, beautiful pencil sketch world following aspiring cook Mina on her quest to become a renown chef brigadier. Every battle is a blend of connect 3-style puzzles and rudimentary action platforming concluding with dishes served in front of discerning food judges a la “Iron Chef.” In between cook-offs, the majority of the story in BCB is fully voiced with snappy, engaging dialogue throughout. And about the only knock on an otherwise great Slime Egg Sundae of a game is limited replay value after the 3-5 hour campaign with no online — or local — multiplayer to speak of besides leader boards to show off on.

– MonsterVine Review Score: 4 out of 5 – Good

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