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The Adventures of Pip Review

by Plamen Jeliazkov - on Aug 17th 2015 - No Comments

Tic Toc Games, prior to The Adventures of Pip, was primarily a mobile games developer company. The Adventures of Pip appears to be their first jump onto the PC and console. ...

On The Spirit of Competitive Gaming

by Plamen Jeliazkov - on Jun 22nd 2013 - No Comments

I am a filthy casual player. I play co-ops, MMOs, and single players. I do not partake in competitions, or try to practice and hone any skills to their utmost. However, something I saw is starting to change that. I watched a video of something that fixated my gaming soul. A young Japanese male competing in a Street Fighter 3 tournament,...

The Walking Dead: A Short Review

by Plamen Jeliazkov - on Jun 22nd 2013 - 1 Comment

The Walking Dead video game episodes by Telltale games have come and gone. Those who got to experience them firsthand knew by the end of the first episode that they had stumbled upon a gem of this generation. Moments into the game you are presented with decisions – decisions that are reminded by the game itself will change the course...

A Story of Harvest Moons

by Plamen Jeliazkov - on May 30th 2010 - 1 Comment

[Plamen Jeliazkov is a freelance writer for and an undergraduate student of Computer Science at UC San Diego.]

Simulation and RPG were the vital combination which allowed the Harvest Moon series to flourish onto the gaming scene in its first unveiling, “Harvest Moon”, for the SNES. Since then, it has evolved through the generations of consoles from the Nintendo 64, even up to the current generation, namely, the Wii. Although Natsume has spread the game title name past just Nintendo, it has tried to retain the soul of the game title throughout each expansion. (more…)

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