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Skyward Sword Release Date

by Philip Wybenga - on Aug 17th 2011 - No Comments

It seems as if Nintendo fans will now have a reason to dust off their Wiis for this Thanksgiving holiday.


Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

by Philip Wybenga - on Nov 22nd 2010 - No Comments

Once again, here with your attention-grabbing and captivating art and genius in journalism, is “The Intern”.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Developer: Good Feel
Price: $50.00
Platform: Wii

When I first got my hand on Kirby on the E3 show floor, I was a little hesitant on the visuals but otherwise pleased with the overall gameplay and feel of this new installment to the Nintendo franchise. Sure, it was a little embarrassing playing with a game that had such vibrant hues and cutesy enemies making up the core of the game, though I nevertheless was optimistic on the new approach to this beloved franchise.


E3 10: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Impressions

by Philip Wybenga - on Jun 27th 2010 - No Comments

I attended the Nintendo Press Conference, and after Nintendo’s blowout, detailing several of its upcoming hardcore franchises for the Wii and 3DS, I had the great honor of getting a hands-on experience with the newly introduced Zelda game Skyward Sword. Before it was even released on the E3 showfloor Nintendo, in pimpish style, brought out monitors out of the floor and into the front stage for the first demo of the game…BEFORE E3…cool.

Alright, before I begin, I just want to say that I am a HUGE Zelda fanatic, and so I hope that my extreme bias does not affect your impression of the game negatively. The franchise means more to me than any other video game to date, and as such I will try to tone down the crazy (try). now to my impressions.


E3 10: Kirby’s Epic Yarn Impressions

by Philip Wybenga - on Jun 26th 2010 - No Comments

While at the show floor at E3 I got the opportunity to go hands-on with Kirby’s Epic Yarn in the Nintendo booth. When I first spotted the game in the Nintendo Press Conference, I was a little skeptical that Kirby’s newest outing have the cahones to take on the expectations of the hardcore fans, as it looked to appeal to a younger audience with the new art direction. I was completely off the mark. Kirby sews his way into the hearts of any who love the franchise.


E3 10: Civilization V Impressions

by Philip Wybenga - on Jun 17th 2010 - No Comments

(Yet again, here is the “Intern”)

Will and I, in Day 2 of Monstervine’s E3 coverage, got a behind-closed-doors first look of Sid Meier’s Civilization V. This game is a sequel to Civilization IV and follows the same gameplay system and turn-based strategy, though it adds depth to the series with new innovative features after the expansion pack. Within the game there lies the same enjoyable experience of placing historical world leaders such as Napoleon into international conflict, though with select differences.


E3 10: The First Templar Impressions

by Philip Wybenga - on Jun 17th 2010 - 3 Comments

(Once again, my name is Philip and I am an “Intern”)

Through a press meeting with the developers of Kalypso I got to interview their PR Ted Brockwood and watch him play the demo of The First Templar. He was very enthusiastic in guiding me through the mechanics of the game, though I was limited to seeing only the alpha code of the game as its still in early development. Fortunately, his enthusiasm was warranted, as the game plays well despite the occasional glitch.


E3 10: Supremacy MMA Impresssions

by Philip Wybenga - on Jun 17th 2010 - No Comments

(My name is Philip and I am an “Intern” for Monstervine. I go to UCSD and am a Psychology Major. The more you know)

Yesterday Will and I got our first hand look at Supremacy MMA through a behind-closed-doors interview with the 505 Games developers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The game is based on, naturally, mixed martial arts fighting styles and utilizes all the notable fighters that are current to UFC. The game was only at the beta testing stage, though already I could tell the attention to detail that was put into the fighting techniques and the graphical engine used to model the characters. Though not a UFC fan, I will attempt to stay true in explaining the intentions of the game and its design.


Legend of Zelda=shady men in green caps

by Philip Wybenga - on Apr 27th 2010 - No Comments

[Philip Wybenga is a freelance writer for and an undergraduate student in Cognitive Psychology at UC San Diego. He really likes the Legend of Zelda franchise.]

Chapter 1: The origins of insanity

There is a young blond princess who plays the typical damsel in distress and gets caught by this muscle-bound evildoer. Naturally you, the protagonist, respond to this like any other simple-minded farmer. Take your pillowcase and wear it like a hat, suit up in your green shirt and tights, brandish sword and shield, and go on a rampage and kill shit, that’s what!!! Yeah…that’s the normal life. (more…)

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