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‘The Appetizer’ – Modern Warfare 2 (singleplayer)

by William Saw - on Nov 23rd 2009 - 1 Comment

CoD-MW2 copy

The MonsterVine staff converge for this year’s biggest game, Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Will, Marcos, and Craig discuss selected missions from the singleplayer component of the game. We tackle the ‘Cliffhanger’ mission in an attempt to pick up the storyline from the previous Modern Warfare. In addition, we talk about the highly controversial ‘No Russian’ mission with a tone of gravitas. (more…)

‘The Appetizer’ – GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony

by William Saw - on Nov 23rd 2009 - No Comments

GTA-TBoGT copy

Will and Gyuri serve up the final installment of the GTA IV series of Appetizers with a look at Rockstar’s latest DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony. We take a look into the lives of the main protagonists, “Gay” Tony Prince and business partner Luis Lopez. This time we took the opportunity to showcase the varieties of different missions and activities found in the episode and discuss interlocking storylines, sibling rivalry, as well as pondering the psychology of base jumping. (more…)

‘The Appetizer’ – GTA IV: The Lost and Damned

by William Saw - on Nov 15th 2009 - No Comments

Will and Gyuri return to Liberty City in this installment of ‘The Appetizer.’ We take a look at Rockstar’s expansion DLC, The Lost and Damned, and give you a full fledged introduction into the life of The Lost MC and Johnny Klebitz. The Appetizer is a recurring video feature exclusive to MonsterVine in which staff members provide insightful commentary of video games. (more…)

‘The Appetizer’ – Left 4 Dead 2

by William Saw - on Nov 12th 2009 - No Comments

William, Zack, and Francis must fight hordes of zombies to the death in Valve’s cooperative multiplayer sequel Left 4 Dead 2. In this edition of The Appetizer, we take the crew online and play The Parish chapter of the game. Watch as we unleash antics upon the unsuspecting zombie population of New Orleans. Oh and we kill Rochelle and banish her to the kitchen. (more…)

‘The Appetizer’ Pilot – Grand Theft Auto IV

by William Saw - on Nov 8th 2009 - 2 Comments

MonsterVine is proud to introduce the inception of its newest video feature ‘The Appetizer’ which gives you a short but concise playthrough of a particular video game. The way this works is that we will have two staff members joining in each episode to voice their opinion and engage in a discussion of the game pertinent to the things going on in the video. Occasionally, we will highlight online multiplayer video games and record that too. We hope you enjoy our pilot episode as more are on their way! (more…)

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