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MonsterMonday – State of Decay Year One Survival Edition

by Austin Paul Adamson - on May 4th 2015 - No Comments


Join me as I roam the countryside searching for supplies and stomping in zombie skulls in this Xbox One re-release of the 360 survival action game. Hopefully my main character’s don’t die.

State of Decay


Not a Hero Releases on PC May 14

by William Saw - on May 2nd 2015 - No Comments

Not a Hero has bumped its release date to May 14 on Steam, GoG, and Humble. The additional time will be used to bump the cover-based indie shooter to 60 frames per second. ...

YOOKA-LAYLEE Pitches A Platformer Rare-vival

by William Saw - on May 1st 2015 - No Comments

Yooka-Laylee is the buddy-platforming spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie and has already surpassed its Kickstarter campaign goal in the first day of its campaign. What does this mean? People are still nostalgic enough about old school platformers to back this sort of thing. ...

Invisible Inc Launches May 12 With A Trailer

by William Saw - on Apr 30th 2015 - No Comments

Invisible, Inc. is set to launch May 12, 2015 on PC, Mac, and Linux. ...

Phantasmal Brings Unpredictability to Survival Horror

by William Saw - on Apr 30th 2015 - No Comments

Eyemobi released Phantasmal to Steam Early Access earlier today, a first-person horror game with a focus on unpredictability. ...

Start Your Morning with Explosions

by Diego Escala - on Apr 28th 2015 - No Comments
just cause 3 logo

The first gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3 is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint. ...

MonsterMonday – Heroes of the Storm

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Apr 27th 2015 - No Comments

Blizzard had the first popular MOBA  back in the Warcraft 3 modding days. Join me as I play the beta for their take on the dota genre in a battlefield where all of Blizzard’s characters fight.

heroes of the storm


Surprise! There’s a New Call of Duty Game Coming

by Diego Escala - on Apr 27th 2015 - No Comments
call of duty black ops 3 cover

Surprising absolutely no-one, Activision just unveiled the trailer for the third game in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series. ...

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