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Damn Homeworld, You Sure Are Looking Pretty

by Diego Escala - on Jan 25th 2015 - No Comments
Homeworld Remastered screenshot

We’ve finally got a good look at Gearbox’s remaster of the two Homeworld games and damn does it look shiny. ...

New Trailer for The Order: 1886 Reminds You It’s Got Supernatural Elements

by Diego Escala - on Jan 22nd 2015 - No Comments

I almost forgot there are things like werewolves or crazy steampunk weapons in this game. ...

Borderlands 2 + Pre-Sequel Package Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

by Diego Escala - on Jan 20th 2015 - No Comments

And here I was pretty bummed out I didn’t have a PS3 to enjoy the Pre-Sequel with. ...

Watch Kitana and Kung Lao Kick Ass in the Latest Mortal Kombat X Trailer

by Diego Escala - on Jan 14th 2015 - No Comments
mortal kombat x cover

A new Mortal Kombat X trailer just dropped showing off Kitana and Kung Lao kicking all sorts of ass and dismembering people. ...

Get A Deeper Look at Life is Strange in this Video

by Diego Escala - on Jan 10th 2015 - No Comments
life is strange logo

Take a look at the upcoming adventure game from the developers of Remember Me. ...

MonsterMonday – Halo 5 Beta

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Dec 29th 2014 - No Comments

MonsterMonday is back from a brief hiatus with the hottest holiday beta, Halo 5. Unlike most console betas and alphas, feedback and reaction to the Halo 5: Guardians beta will have drastic impact on the final game’s multiplayer when it ships fall of 2015. ...

Get Your First Look at Metal Gear Online

by Diego Escala - on Dec 9th 2014 - No Comments

It was a pretty eventful weekend for Metal Gear fans with the debut of the third iteration of Metal Gear Online and the possible tease of a June 22nd release. ...

MonsterMonday – LIMBO (XB1)

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Dec 1st 2014 - No Comments
Limbo ss

In honor of the Xbox One’s first birthday, Microsoft gave out free copies of Limbo to those who picked up the console early. Come take a look at one of the games that originally launched in the hey day of Xbox Live Arcade. ...

Video - MonsterVine