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The Status of Bravely Default

by SparklingBlue - on Apr 2nd 2014 - No Comments
Bravely Default for Nintendo 3DS

Apparently Bravely Default is harder than I thought it was going to be–as you will hear in the finished review, even the Easy mode is challenging! That said, I want to try and finish as much of the game and see as much of the story as possible–the high difficulty (even on Easy mode) is making it take longer than I thought. ...

Diego’s Top Games of 2013

by Diego Escala - on Jan 12th 2014 - No Comments

Well the year’s been over for quite a few days but I wanted to wait on writing my list of favorite games I played this year until after I got done playing a few more 2013 games that I had missed. ...

Best Mobile Games of 2013

by Pete - on Jan 6th 2014 - No Comments

It’s hard to walk down the street these days without seeing someone on their mobile or tablet – and it’s not just that everyone has become super sociable – it’s that there are so many great mobile games for people to play and there has been a huge increase in casino apps!  We thought we would take the time to give you what we think are the top 5 mobile games of 2013 – so maybe you can give them a go this year!


Holiday Gift Giving for Gamers Part One

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Dec 9th 2013 - No Comments

Having trouble with your holiday shopping? Don’t worry we have a bunch of ideas for you to wrap up and distribute to your friends and family this season. Here is our first set of recommendations. ...

MonsterVine’s 5th Birthday Giveaway

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Nov 24th 2013 - No Comments

In celebration of MonsterVine turning 5 this week, we have some giveaways for you. Look below for some codes courtesy of our friends at Midnight City. ...

Austin’s IndieCade 2013 Highlights

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Oct 21st 2013 - No Comments

This year marked my first IndieCade experience, and I was blown away by the all of the creative ideas being shown by brilliant minds in sunny, Culver City. ...

Looking Back: Pokemon Red/Blue, 15 Years Later

by SparklingBlue - on Sep 30th 2013 - No Comments

It’s hard to believe, but the original Pokemon Red/Blue turn 15 today. With a sixth generation looming on the horizon, let’s take a look back at just how far Pokemon has come. ...

Chasing an Industry: The Economics of Videogames Turned Hollywood

by Bill - on Jun 23rd 2013 - No Comments

A couple of months ago at the San Francisco International Film Festival, film director Steven Soderbergh (‘Side Effects,’ ‘Traffic’) delivered an insightful keynote address about the state of cinema in the current Hollywood industry. A successful and prolific filmmaker, Soderbergh gave his own personal perspective on what is happening...

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