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Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Review

by Diego Escala - on Oct 1st 2015 - No Comments
afro samurai 2 banner

I’m just going to cut straight to the point: if you’re a fan of action games or Afro Samurai then this game isn’t for you. In fact it’s for no-one because I don’t think there’s a single person out there who would genuinely consider this a good game. ...

Glitchspace Preview

by Travis McMullen - on Sep 30th 2015 - No Comments

Glitchspace is an ambitious game that is ready to set your lateral thinking skills to the test, but what exactly does it mean to reprogram the world and more importantly, is it any fun? ...

Rogue Continuum Preview

by Michael Thomas Elliott - on Sep 30th 2015 - No Comments

Rogue Continuum, which just released on Steam’s Early Access program for $9.99, is yet another in a long list of indie games in development that attempt to emulate games of the past. ...

Dropsy Review

by Travis McMullen - on Sep 23rd 2015 - No Comments

Dropsy takes its inspiration from the by-gone era when point-n-click games ruled game store shelves. ...

Euclidean Review

by Diego Escala - on Sep 23rd 2015 - No Comments
Euclidean banner

If you’ve been looking for a game where you can fall into the infinite void of madness and lose yourself to its incomprehensible terror then Euclidean might be the game for you. ...

12 is Better Than 6 Preview

by Diego Escala - on Sep 19th 2015 - No Comments
12 is better than 6 banner

Ink Stains Games are the latest developers to hop on the Kickstarter train in hopes of riding it out so that their game, 12 Is Better Than 6, can see the light of day. ...

Q&A Interview: 4:33 Creative Lab

by William Saw - on Sep 17th 2015 - No Comments

With Blade: Sword of Elysion’s release on mobile, MonsterVine had a chat with 4:33 Creative Lab’s EVP of Global Publishing Won Cho. In our interview, we chatted over 4:33’s entry into the Western market and their perspective about the diverse suite of games coming from the Seoul-based publishing house. ...

Skyshine’s Bedlam Review

by Spencer Legacy - on Sep 16th 2015 - No Comments

Combining the map-spanning simulation of Oregon Trail with simple but enjoyable tactical gameplay, Skyshine’s Bedlam makes trekking a brutal post-apocalyptic wasteland a unique and enjoyable experience. Skyshine’s Bedlam Developer: Skyshine Games Price: $21.99 Platform: PC MonsterVine was supplied with a PC code for review....

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