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Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut Review

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Aug 26th 2015 - No Comments

First released at the end of 2011 on PC with a more definitive edition, The Director’s cut,  was released back in 2014 on PC which added ten speed-run trial levels, an new original soundtrack, and Oculus Rift support on PC. ...

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review

by Diego Escala - on Aug 25th 2015 - No Comments
gears of war ultimate banner

Microsoft returns once again with another remaster that shows the competition the proper way to do one of these. ...

Why The Taken King Is The Perfect Time To Return To Destiny

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Aug 25th 2015 - No Comments


Year one of Destiny felt like an extended early access period instead of a finished product. Bungie has taken all of the user feedback and with the release of The Taken King next month offers a much more cohesive and respecting experience for players new and old. The Taken King is the perfect time to return to Destiny, or to jump in for the first time. (more…)

The Flock Review

by Diego Escala - on Aug 25th 2015 - No Comments
the flock banner

If you frequent any game site I’m sure you’ve come across news in the past about The Flock, a multiplayer horror game that’s now out. Because checking off the boxes for “multiplayer” and “horror game” aren’t enough, it also features a gimmick where each player death will tick down a global counter....

Guild of Dungeoneering Review

by Spencer Legacy - on Aug 24th 2015 - No Comments

Guild of Dungeoneering is as much of a tabletop RPG as it is a dungeon crawler. Although the tabletop style is all too rarely used, developer Gambrinous went forward with it, while simultaneously aiming to break the mold of the dungeon crawler genre in having the player play as the dungeon master, rather than the plunderer. It’s this...

RymdResa Review

by Michael Thomas Elliott - on Aug 20th 2015 - No Comments

After playing RymdResa for a considerable amount of time, I’ve come away with two very distinct thoughts. One, RymdResa is incredibly unique, and two, RymdResa is insanely difficult. RymdResa Developer: Morgondag Price: 11.99 USD (10% Launch Discount) Platform: PC (reviewed) MonsterVine was supplied with a PC code for RymdResa The...

Five Characters Who Should Return To Street Fighter V

by Spencer Legacy - on Aug 19th 2015 - 4 Comments

With the recent announcement of Vega’s return to Street Fighter V, fans are feverishly speculating about what other beloved characters could make their return. ...

The Adventures of Pip Review

by Plamen Jeliazkov - on Aug 17th 2015 - No Comments

Tic Toc Games, prior to The Adventures of Pip, was primarily a mobile games developer company. The Adventures of Pip appears to be their first jump onto the PC and console. ...

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