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Majestic Nights Preview

by Diego Escala - on Oct 9th 2014 - No Comments
majestic nights banner

Majestic Nights Developer: Epiphany Games Price: TBA Platform: PC MonsterVine was supplied with a Steam code for Majestic Nights. Majestic Nights is an episodic action-adventure thriller set in an alternate 1980s where all conspiracy theories, past and present are True. That’s the basic premise Majestic Nights sets itself up with and...

Full Bore Preview

by Diego Escala - on Apr 1st 2014 - No Comments
Full Bore game logo vector

Full Bore Developer: Whole Hog Games Price: TBA Platform: PC Release Date: Spring (Late April/Early May) Full Bore is a nifty little puzzle game where you play as a boar whose job it is to bore through things. Ok, there’s more to it than that but I really needed to hit my pun quota. ...

GDC ’14: Armored Warfare – Obsidian Entertainment’s Free To Play Tank Game

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Mar 25th 2014 - No Comments

Hot off the release of the release of South Park: The Stick of Truth, developer Obsidian Entertainment has partnered up with to deliver a free to play, online tank combat game called Armored Warfare, and I got a chance to play a quick mission while at the Game Developers Conference. ...

GDC 2014: Hands-on with Free-to-Play MMO World of Speed

by William Saw - on Mar 25th 2014 - No Comments

World of Speed takes the realism of racing games and brings the team-based multiplayer experience to the PC as a free-to-play MMO game. ...

Cloudbuilt Interview: Creating A Challenging Free-Runner

by William Saw - on Mar 24th 2014 - No Comments

With Cloudbuilt‘s release, MonsterVine had an opportunity to speak with Martin Löwgren, Programmer and Creative Director of Coilworks (follow him on Twitter: @Gafgar_D) about the studio, art design, development, and overall community reception. ...

Starpoint Gemini 2 Preview

by Diego Escala - on Jan 23rd 2014 - 1 Comment

If you’ve been itching to play a space exploration game with some RPG elements then you might want to stop refreshing that No Man’s Sky trailer and take a look at Starpoint Gemini 2. ...

Hands On with NVIDIA At Blizzcon

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Nov 10th 2013 - No Comments

You may have noticed that Blizzcon happened over the weekend. During this time I was able to talk with team members from NVIDIA showcasing their latest technology, including the SHIELD, G Sync and ShadowPlay. ...

Betrayer Preview

by Diego Escala - on Sep 20th 2013 - No Comments
betrayer logo

You’ve woken up on a beach surviving a recent shipwreck, the local village is deserted, a mysterious woman keeps following you and leaving you messages, and demonic conquistadors roam the countryside who will gladly introduce their swords to you if given the chance. ...

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