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Zombi U Coming to PC, PS4 & XB1 as Zombi on Aug 18

Dropsy Looks Deliciously Insane

by Diego Escala - on Jul 29th 2015 - No Comments
Dropsy banner

Dropsy is a clown who only wants to hug people; unfortunately people don’t feel the same. ...

King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Preview

by William Saw - on Jul 28th 2015 - No Comments

King’s Quest is a welcomed reunion for returning players and for the new generation of adventure gamers, it’s definitely worth taking a look at. ...

Steam’s Wishlist Is Broken, Here’s How I Fixed It

by Diego Escala - on Jul 27th 2015 - No Comments
steam banner

Steam’s been around for years and it’s gone through a few visual changes but the one thing that’s stayed pretty consistent is the wishlist page. ...

Traverser Review

by Diego Escala - on Jul 16th 2015 - No Comments
traverser logo

Traverser Developer: Gatling Goat Studios Price: $15 Platform: PC MonsterVine was supplied with a code for review There are some games out there that begin with an interesting premise and do something great with it. Other games try to sell themselves on an interesting premise but do absolutely nothing with it and are practically indistinguishable...

Goldblum Hams it Up Hard in Black Ops 3’s Zombies Mode

by Diego Escala - on Jul 9th 2015 - No Comments
call of duty black ops 3 cover

Treyarch’s signature zombies mode is getting a fairly significant settings change with it jumping to the 1940’s gangster era. ...

Batman: Arkham Knight Isn’t the Grand Finale I Hoped For

by Diego Escala - on Jul 6th 2015 - No Comments

Batman: Arkham Knight has been out for just over a week now and it’s a phenomenal game that unfortunately has some glaring issues that really bothered me once I finished the game and let the experience soak in my head for a bit. Lately there’s mainly only been talk of the batmobile and while it is overused in a few parts and some of the...

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Coming to the West in 2016

by Diego Escala - on Jul 2nd 2015 - No Comments

After months of vague comments Bandai has finally confirmed that Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is definitely totally for sure coming to the west next year. ...

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