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Batman Delayed To June 2015

by Diego Escala - on Sep 9th 2014 - No Comments

Do you hear that sound Rocksteady? It’s the sound of Gotham’s citizens crying out in fear that I won’t be able to protect them until June 2nd. ...

Take a Look at the Next Geometry Wars Game

by Diego Escala - on Sep 7th 2014 - No Comments
geometry wars 3

Sierra has been resurrected and one of their first titles is a new Geometry Wars game with a new twist. ...

Stretch Those Legs, It’s a New Dying Light Video

by Diego Escala - on Sep 7th 2014 - No Comments
dying light_screenshot_pack02_01

If you’re still not bitter about the delay of the game into early 2015 you’ll be able to enjoy this developer diary discussing the natural motion system in Dying Light. ...

Go Deeper Into COD: Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer Mode

by Diego Escala - on Sep 7th 2014 - No Comments
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare banner

We got a brief tease at the online component of the next Call of Duty game a few weeks ago but here’s a full fledged video detailing most of the new additions. ...

Digital Blizzcon Passes Now On Sale

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Sep 5th 2014 - No Comments



Can’t make it all the way to Anaheim, Calif. for the annual Blizzard convention? Blizzcon Virtual Tickets are now on sale for $39.99.


MonsterMonday – Chroma Squad [Beta]

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Sep 2nd 2014 - No Comments

After a long weekend of camping in the Arizona mountains, I return to technology by diving head first into Chroma Squad. Watch as I figure out the mechanics without a tutorial, and end up a monstrous vine creature all in the name of making a Power Rangers style serialized TV show while building a fanbase. ...

Meet the Cast of The Evil Within

by Diego Escala - on Aug 26th 2014 - No Comments
the evil within logo

As you slowly work your way through the rusted monster filled hallways in The Evil Within take comfort in knowing a celebrity is voicing your character. ...

Watch 35 Minutes of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Gameplay

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Aug 19th 2014 - No Comments
witcher 3 wild hunt logo

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend Witcher demos at E3, San Diego Comic Con, or Gamescom stop what you are doing right now and watch this 35 Min gameplay segment narrated by senior level designer, Peter Gelencser. ...

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