Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of MonsterVine. You can reach me via e-mail: or on Twitter: @williamsaw. Let's chat!

Reviews Manager of MonsterVine who can be contacted at or on twitter: @diegoescala Google+

Stationed in the barren arctic land of Canada, Spencer is a semi-frozen Reviews Editor who plays video games like they're going out of style. His favourite genres are JRPGs, Fighting Games, and Platformers.

Managing Editor, Writer/Reporter, Event Coverage I play a lot of games. Follow me on twitter: @apadamson and do something with circles: Google+

My other Projects:  Australian Based Charity Event: GenerOzity  Weekly Australian Podcast: Horse Skeleton  Sydney Based Production Company: Those Wizards  Weekly Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: I Speak Giant

Senior Editor; Fighting game and RPG enthusiast. Francis has been writing for MonsterVine since its original inception in September, 2008, contributing news, reviews and editorials.

I'm a computer science major at the California Polytechnic Institute in San Luis Obispo. I've been playing video games all my life, and I enjoy writing and talking about games almost as much as playing them. I'm even learning how to make them!

Zack is a software engineer coop for Microsoft and occasional writer for MonsterVine. His opinions in no way reflect the opinions of his employers.

A game enthusiast who can't help but search out new game experiences and awesome gaming moments. You can find more of his stuff on Youtube and Twitch under the moniker PlayDusty.

Senior at Stanford University studying Creative Writing, with a love for FPS games, storytelling, travel, and Japan.

Cody Scaggs is a managing partner at Habanero Studios, a Google Parnter Digital Marketing Agency. He is an avid gamer, filmgoer, TV enthusiast, foodie, and workaholic. When he's not writing about the things he loves he's either doing them or dreaming about traveling. He is an editor and lead blogger at

Hobbies: Writing, sports, drawing, music, meeting new people.

I like games. I like life. Music's pretty great. Some day I'm going to be an M1A2 Abrams.

Gadget Nerd, Game Nerd, Car Nerd, Medieval Siege Machine Aficionado

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