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Crackdown And Dead Rising 2 Free For XBL Gold Members In Aug

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Aug 1st 2013 - No Comments

Continuing with the promise of giving Gold subscribers two free games per month leading up to the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft will be giving players Crackdown and Dead Rising 2 along with its separate, short prologue Case Zero for $0 in August. ...

Dead Rising 2: Case West Set for December Release

by William Saw - on Nov 30th 2010 - No Comments

Dead Rising 2’s epilogue, Dead Rising 2: Case West, starring Frank West will be releasing in December from publisher Capcom.

Offering two player co-op, Frank West is teaming up with DR2 Chuck to investigate the pharmaceutical company Phenotrans. If you don’t have any friends, however, Frank will be controlled solely by the AI. Capcom tells us that we can also “expect to see cameo appearances from other characters from Dead Rising.” In the way of new additions, there will be items, survivors, enemies, and combo weapons including ‘The Reaper’, what Capcom reckons is “the janitor’s favourite,” the ‘Zap & Shine.’

While Capcom has yet to announce a price for the epilogue, the previous downloadable Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was 400 Microsoft Points. (more…)

Dead Rising 2 Review

by Malik Fadiga - on Oct 18th 2010 - No Comments

Dead Rising 2
Developer: Capcom, Blue Castle
Platform(s): Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC

In the world of Dead Rising, a zombie apocalypse is upon Fortune City, a city somewhere in Nevada. An activist organization known as CURE defends the rights of the living impaired. You play as Chuck Greene, who was once a famous motocross champion whose wife was killed by zombies a few years ago. He also has a daughter named Katey, who was bitten by a zombie a few years ago and risks turning into one, but with the daily medicinal treatment of Zombrex, the virus that plagued her mother is unable to spread to her. (more…)

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review

by Craig Ballard - on Sep 17th 2010 - No Comments

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
Developer: Blue Castle, Capcom
Price: 400 MSP
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade

With the highly anticipated sequel to the zombie killing fest just around the corner. Capcom has made an interesting move to add to the hype by releasing Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. A prequel that leads to the events that starts Chuck Greene’s adventure in Fortune City. What Case Zero offers is a short taster of what we should expect. But is worth buying? Or is it nothing more than a glorified demo. (more…)

Dead Rising 2: Case West Epilogue Announced, Xbox Live Exclusive

by William Saw - on Sep 15th 2010 - No Comments

Capcom, in addition to the Devil May Cry announcement, has another surprise for its fans – this time about Dead Rising 2. Another episode is on the way for the Xbox 360 as an epilogue starring the photojournalist from the first game, Frank West.

Dead Rising 2: Case West will see West teaming up with partner Chuck Greene to clear his name and features a co-op mode that “will see the two protagonists delve deeper into the reasons behind the Fortune City outbreak and provide further links to the Willamette incident.”

Case West is expected for release “following the Dead Rising 2,” which is due September 28 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Previously, the first Xbox 360 episode Case Zero released for 400 Microsoft Points when it released August 31. (more…)

Dead Rising 2 E3 Trailer Releases

by William Saw - on May 31st 2009 - No Comments

Dead Rising 2 won’t be showing up at E3 this year but the company still released a trailer for the upcoming zombie survival game.

Developed by Blue Castle, the game is expected to arrive by March 31, 2010 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

New Chainawesome Dead Rising 2 Trailer

by Craig Ballard - on Apr 28th 2009 - No Comments

Insidegamer.nl has leaked new Dead Rising Trailer, showing off what new boy Chuck can do. Definitely a game to look out for.

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