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Star Wars: Battlefront Announced, In Development at DICE

by William Saw - on Jun 10th 2013 - No Comments

So it seems Electronic Arts is making good use of its newly acquired Star Wars video game license by announcing Star Wars: Battlefront today, currently in development at DICE Studios. Built on DICE’s Frostbite engine, the CG announcement trailer didn’t give much detail on a release date or platforms. But expect more details...

Mirrors Edge Revealed for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

DICE unveils gameplay footage for latest Battlefield 3 DLC

by Trevor Stamp - on Jul 19th 2012 - No Comments

The largest Battlefield maps to date are set to release this September with the “Armored Kill” DLC pack for Battlefield 3. ...

Battlefield 3 Review – Dust and Sparkles

by Zack Mok - on Nov 8th 2011 - 3 Comments

Battlefield 3
Developer: DICE
Price: $59.99
Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox360 (Reviewed)

There has been a lot of loud trumpeting about the superiority of FPS’ this year and it’s easy to see why with so many hitting shelves this holiday season. Battlefield 3 is Electronic Arts’ golden boy entry into the fray who has had much resting on its shoulders. With the addition of single-player and coop campaigns as well as a brand new engine, Frostbyte 2, DICE and EA look to champion the market this holiday season. Does the latest iteration of the Battlefield franchise have what it takes to beat out the best? Or are there crosshairs already focused on this latest FPS? (more…)

MonsterVine Podcast: Battlefield 3, Dark Souls, Blizzcon, Extra-Life

by Trevor Stamp - on Nov 7th 2011 - No Comments

Check out the latest episode of the MonsterVine Podcast. We are trying things a little different with this episode, and breaking it up into four segments. (more…)

Battlefield 3 Launches a Trailer, Multiplayer Screens, and Vistas

by William Saw - on Oct 24th 2011 - No Comments

Battlefield 3 launches tonight and we have new multiplayer screens and vistas for your viewing. The third installment in the realistic war FPS franchise looks well received on the PC front with console version reviews being posted on Tuesday. (more…)

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