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Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode Two Preview Trailer

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Playable Demo Out Now

by William Saw - on Jan 21st 2014 - No Comments

Square Enix has released the playable demo for LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. ...

Pikmin 3 DLC Available On eShop Today

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Nov 6th 2013 - No Comments

New “Battle Enemies!” mission mode content is added in the latest DLC for Pikmin 3. One stage is free with the title update and the other 3 can be picked up for $1.99 ...

First DLC for Sound Shapes Announced

by William Saw - on Dec 5th 2012 - No Comments

Playstation has announced three new Sound Packs and a Curved Terrain Pack for Sound Shapes, available for Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita owners. ...

New Elder Scrolls V Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Screenshots

by William Saw - on Nov 15th 2012 - No Comments

Details about the upcoming DLC ‘Dragonborn’ for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have emerged. The island of Solstheim becomes available in the latest expansion, opening up new towns, dungeons, and quests for you to explore. Ultimately, the DLC will have you face ‘your deadliest adversary,’ the first Dragonborn. ...

E3 2012: South Park: The Stick of Truth Gets March 2013 Release

by William Saw - on Jun 4th 2012 - 1 Comment

THQ has announced a release date of March 5, 2013 for the Obsidian-RPG game, South Park: The Stick of Truth. The first DLC packs will release as timed-exclusives on Xbox 360, as well as support for Kinect voice recognition. The first three downloadable episodes will be exclusive to Xbox 360 for a while. ...

E3 2012: First Tomb Raider DLC Heading to Xbox 360

by William Saw - on Jun 4th 2012 - 1 Comment

Microsoft showed off a gameplay demonstration for Crystal Dynamics origin reboot Tomb Raider. It marks the second time Tomb Raider was shown off at a Microsoft E3 briefing. Following the gameplay demo, it was announced that DLC for Tomb Raider would be released first on Xbox 360. ...

Max Payne 3 Announces Multiplayer DLC, Rockstar Pass

by William Saw - on May 1st 2012 - 2 Comments

Rockstar Games has announced its Rockstar Pass for Max Payne 3, allowing players to pre-purchase seven add-on packs for the game at $30. The first DLC add-on is titled Local Justice and includes three maps for four multiplayer modes (Gang Wars, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Payne Killer). Max Payne 3 will release May 15 for Xbox 360...

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