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Virtual Booths At E3

by MegaClank - on Jun 8th 2009 - No Comments

So at E3, there were some amazing games shown, but then there were those games that are intriguing many gamers. Like God of War III, and MAG, so the PlayStation Blog has given us a look at both these games with some videos, sort of like a developer interview, but it’s a “Virtual Booth.”

So enjoy the videos! MAG is still looking good to me and the deciding factor might be me getting my hands on some of it before release.

LittleBigPlanet Get Ico and Yorda

by MegaClank - on Jun 8th 2009 - No Comments

Ico and Yorda!

Oh look! It’s Shadow of the Colossus star Ico, and I the do-nothing princess! Guess when it comes out? This Thursday, that’s right, get ready for some major Team Ico fan screams.

Ico And Yorda Hold Hands In LittleBigPlanet [Kotaku]

Final Fantasy XIV Q&A

by MegaClank - on Jun 8th 2009 - 1 Comment

Are you deeply intrigued by Final Fantasy XIV‘s announcement? And that it’s oin to be an MMORPG? I’m sure all who witnessed the event were taken aback. So here’s G4TV with a Q&A that gives highlights on FFXIV.

What to expect, information on how they decided upon an MMORPG, how friend lists will be carried over, and that there will be solo and multiplayer aspects that is tailored for everyone!

Final Fantasy XIV will be available in English, Japanese, German, and French at launch worldwide for the PS3 and PC, no news on whether or not a 360 iteration will becom available.

E3 2009 Square Enix Press Conference: Tons Of Final Fantasy XIV Details Revealed [G4TV]

The Vine Podcast Episode 7 – Go Go Team B Post E3

by William Saw - on Jun 7th 2009 - No Comments


E3 is finally over and we render our verdict on the show. Welcome to the seventh episode of MonsterVine’s premiere, integral, semi-current, video game podcast – The Vine. Joining us are Team B co-hosts William Saw, Plamen Jeliazkov, and Bill Chen. (more…)

PlayStation Store Update – E3 June 4th

by MegaClank - on Jun 6th 2009 - No Comments

As a note, Final Fantasy VII has been released on the PlayStation Store as of Tuesday, go download it for $9.99!

Downloadable Games
CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars ($9.99)

Trash Panic ($4.99)

Wolfenstein 3D ($4.99)

PSOne Classics
Street Fighter Alpha 2 ($5.99)

Demos (Free)
CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars Demo

Fight Night Round 4 Demo

Overlord II Demo


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves E3 2009 Trailer

by William Saw - on Jun 3rd 2009 - No Comments

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2 ventures into the far corners of the globe.

Uncharted 2: Among Theives comes exclusively to the Playstion 3 this fall.

WET E3 2009 Trailer

by William Saw - on Jun 3rd 2009 - No Comments


WET may have lewd connotations associated with the game – but publisher Bethseda has assured us that it is a connection to a wetwork – the mercenary work protagonist Rubi specalizes in. (more…)

Lost Planet E3 2009 Videos

by William Saw - on Jun 3rd 2009 - No Comments

Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 will be on display at this year’s E3. The sci-fi action game will now support four player co-op. (more…)

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