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5 Highlights From #Indiecade15

by William Saw - on Nov 10th 2015 - No Comments

Every year Indiecade hosts thousands of game developers and fans around the world who gather in Culver City, CA to celebrate and play video games. There’s copious amount of gaming across different genres, platforms and environments, real and virtual. The main takeaway from Indiecade 2015? Enthusiasm and renewed appreciation for the medium....

Austin’s IndieCade 2013 Highlights

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Oct 21st 2013 - No Comments

This year marked my first IndieCade experience, and I was blown away by the all of the creative ideas being shown by brilliant minds in sunny, Culver City. ...

Indiecade 10: Paolo Talks Molleindustria’s Next Project

by William Saw - on Oct 14th 2010 - No Comments

IndieCade, in addition to the Game Walk, also hosts a series of talks by independent game developers who discuss their insights about game development, thought processes, and being extremely poor. We managed to scoop this video from the official Indiecade Twitter so thanks to YouTuber EvNarc2006 for the kind upload.

As you recall, we talked about Molleindustria’s latest game, Every Day the Same Dream in our preview but its not the only game he’s working on. In the video, Paolo discusses some rejected prototypes for games that never came to fruition but reveals his latest project, The Drone Pilot Game. It borrows on similar themes as Every Day but also includes a realistic shaving game ala Heavy Rain. We’re interested where Paolo takes this game and its direction so we’ll keep you updated on its development.

Indiecade 10: Groping in the Dark Preview

by William Saw - on Oct 13th 2010 - 1 Comment

Groping in the Dark is a independent video game that literally spawned out of nowhere. Considering that it won the Jury Award at this year’s Indiecade Awards Show, our interests had peaked not solely because of its title but the typographic gameplay reminiscent to an adventure horror game. IndieGamesChannel states that Groping in the Dark is a “culmination of the ten-year journey towards creating a game with a substantial narrative behind it.” And I’m inclined to believe that statement. (more…)

Indiecade 10: The Cat and the Coup Preview

by William Saw - on Oct 12th 2010 - No Comments

Documentary games are a genre that I haven’t particularly explored but now that I played The Cat and the Coup at Indiecade, I regret not checking them out earlier. You play as the cat of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. He was, as you may recall, overthrown by the CIA in a coup during the summer of 1953. On the cusp of his deathbed, the cat brings Mossadegh through a series of memorable events of his life by interacting with the beautifully styled Persian backdrops. (more…)

Indiecade 10: Every Day The Same Dream Hands-On Impressions

by William Saw - on Oct 11th 2010 - 1 Comment

Enduring the drudgery of everyday life can be a pain. But explored through an interactive game, how does it make you feel? Italian game developer Paolo Pedercini achieved this end by allowing you, as the player, to take the role of a faceless white collar worker trapped in a seemingly monotonous lifestyle. After playing it at IndieCade this weekend, I work up this morning to play Every Day again and boy was it depressing. (more…)

Indiecade 10: Miegakure Preview

by William Saw - on Oct 11th 2010 - No Comments

Imagining 3D gaming is already difficult to wrap my head around but 4D? You’re kidding right? Developer Marc ten Bosch created Miegakure, an IndieCade finalist, a puzzle platformer that brings players into the fourth dimension. [photo – Me trolling Philip who is playing Miegakure] (more…)

Indiecade 10: Retro/Grade Hands-On Impressions

by William Saw - on Oct 11th 2010 - No Comments

Matt Gilgenbach and the folks over at 24 Caret Games created a space shooter game played entirely backwards. That’s right backwards. Apparently it wasn’t enough that your character, Rick Rocket, saved the universe in an epic battle but now you have to do it again to undo the space-time continuum. (more…)

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