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MonsterVine Game of the Year 2012 Awards – Day 1

by MonsterVine Staff - on Jan 3rd 2013 - 1 Comment


Get Your Face in Max Payne 3

by Diego Escala - on Jul 5th 2012 - No Comments

It looks like Rockstar is giving gamers a second chance to have their face appear as a playable character in Max Payne 3’s multiplayer mode, and this time you’ll have to spill a little blood to get it. You’ll have to play a special playlist at specific times during the week to be put up for consideration. You can check...

Max Payne 3 DLC Brings the Justice

by Diego Escala - on Jun 27th 2012 - No Comments

Anyone still enjoying the fun to be had in MP3’s multiplayer should be happy to see some new stuff heading their way next week. The Local Justice DLC Pack will be available for Max Payne 3 on July 3rd for the special launch week promotional price of 480 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $5.99 on PlayStation Network. This pack includes...

Max Payne 3 Review

by Diego Escala - on May 23rd 2012 - 1 Comment

Max Payne 3 Developer: Rockstar Vancouver Price: $60 Platform: PC, PS3, & Xbox 360 It’s been nearly 10 years since we’ve seen Max Payne sulk through the New York alleys; he’s decided that he’s had his fill of the big apple and is moving to São Paulo, Brazil for the sun, babes, and gangs. With Remedy being...

Max Payne 3 for PC Pushed Back to June 1

by William Saw - on May 22nd 2012 - 1 Comment

Rockstar Games has announced that the North American release Max Payne 3 for PC will be pushed back to Friday, June 1 to coincide with a worldwide launch with other regions. ...

Max Payne 3 Details Arcade Modes Score Attack and New York Minute

by William Saw - on May 11th 2012 - 1 Comment

As we’re heading to the stretch, Rockstar Games has released details on Max Payne 3’s arcade modes including “Score Attack” and the return of the “New York Minute” from previous Max Payne games. Obtaining high scores in these modes earn unlockable multiplayer avatars and XP benefits as well as bragging...

Max Payne 3 Official Launch Trailer

Max Payne 3 Announces Multiplayer DLC, Rockstar Pass

by William Saw - on May 1st 2012 - 2 Comments

Rockstar Games has announced its Rockstar Pass for Max Payne 3, allowing players to pre-purchase seven add-on packs for the game at $30. The first DLC add-on is titled Local Justice and includes three maps for four multiplayer modes (Gang Wars, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Payne Killer). Max Payne 3 will release May 15 for Xbox 360...

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