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Omerta – City of Gangsters Screenshots

by Diego Escala - on Aug 22nd 2012 - No Comments

To accompany the recent trailer we have a bunch of new screenshots of the upcoming mob game Omerta – City of Gangsters. ...

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Cover

by Diego Escala - on Aug 22nd 2012 - No Comments

Look at this guy, this is the face of a man who knows the thrill of driving in a circle for hours. Once you step into that track you better watch yourself because this dude is going to show you how a pro drives in a circle. (more…)

DUST 514 Screenshots

by Diego Escala - on Aug 21st 2012 - No Comments

Starting today anyone with a Playstation Plus subscription will be able to download the closed beta of the upcoming free-to-play shooter DUST 514. The beta will be available until September 4th so that gives you two weeks to enjoy the game. ...

Star Trek Gamescom Screenshots

by Diego Escala - on Aug 14th 2012 - No Comments

I don’t know about you guys but I think this game needs more lens flare. This is an upcoming 2013 game based on the recent reboot of the Star Trek franchise headed towards PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. ...

Black Ops 2 Gamescom Screens

by Diego Escala - on Aug 14th 2012 - No Comments
Aftermath - Drone Guards

It’s that time of the year when Activision starts up their Call of Duty hype train so come in, take a seat and enjoy the screenshots. ...

007 Legends Preorder Goodies

by Diego Escala - on Aug 10th 2012 - No Comments
Amazon Exclusive - Nemesis Pack (Jaws)

The upcoming 007 Legends game just had its preorder info leaked by a secret spy and now it’s your mission to decide which pack you want to take. I’m a big Bond fan, but getting to play as Baron Samedi and Jaws make this a no brainer. ...

The Walking Dead Gets Social

by Diego Escala - on Aug 9th 2012 - No Comments

Come my people, I bring you a single screenshot of the new Facebook game based on The Walking Dead series. You can choose to go play the game now over here, or you can continue to marvel at this single screenshot. ...

Pitfall! Now Available

by Diego Escala - on Aug 9th 2012 - 1 Comment

It looks like even Pitfall wasn’t immune from an HD update, it’s a shame that update is exclusive to the iOS platform though. It’s now available so you can go play Pitfall, I mean Pitfall! to your hearts content, or you can look at these screenshots. ...

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