Resistance 2 Cover of GamerPro

Resistance 2, ah the glorious sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man. Well in this issue of GamePro if you couldn’t tell by the cover or the title, it’s all about Resistance 2, at least for a 10-page preview anyway.

What’s in this preview you might ask? Well there’s This is 300-foot skyscraper-smashing Chimera, dubbed, The Leviathan. GamePro also got to play most of the lengthy Chicago level and got to play with the 8-player co-op and the competitive multiplayer experience.

Subscribers get it now, and it hits newsstands next week. A must-have for anyone who enjoys Insomniac Games’ games and liked – or loved – Resistance: FoM.

That’s not all though! They’re currently working on the big show they have for E3! And that cover, it’s a 3-page fold-out. Check out the preview of this issue here. No news on those Beta Codes though. . . .

Want More R2? Grab GamePro [PS BLOG]

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