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PS3 Newswire – November 28th, Happy Black Friday and Belated Thanksgiving!

I beat Resistance 2 on SuperHuman this morning around 1AM. I finished watching Hancock with family and proceeded to finish campaign for the second time, it was fun, frustrating and worth it for the “OMGWTFBBQ” Gold Trophy.

And to start things off, here are some nice Resistance 2 pictures I think you’ll like:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Floating Leg is Floating! Floating Leg Close-Up! Floating Leg is Glowing!

Alright, so here’s the Newswire, and if you haven’t shopped for Black Friday yet, do so. There’s still time, it’s not Saturday yet. I went to Target and purchased Call of Duty: World at War, Dead Space and Battlefield: Bad Company, along with a DUALSHOCK 3 controller for $180. Considering the fact that if the three games were all $60, that would already exceed the amount I paid. Of course Battlefield: Bad Company wasn’t on sale, so I barely squeezed that by. I also feel cheated for my DUALSHOCK 3, which I could’ve paid $20 less for at Radio Shack. I even noticed a lot of people purchasing the Ratchet and Clank PSP Bundle.

* Share your Black Friday finds here! [PS BLOG] This has some awesome PS3 deals, even in the comments some deals are shared, there’s still time to buy!
* New Video Releases on the PlayStation Store [PS BLOG] We’ve got some new videos in the PlayStation Store, check them out! And yes, Hancock is worth a watch.
* Rumor: Assassin’s Creed 2 Goes Back To The Future [Kotaku] French Revolution? What?
* PlayStation 3: Home-ward Bound Page 3 [IGN] IGN Open Beta out for everyone this year.
* Resistance 2 Advertising Takes Over Dublin Newspapers [Kotaku] Best. Marketing. Ever.
* Japan’s Resident Evil 5 Premium Pack Has A Waist Pack, Flash Drive, And Art Book [via Siliconera] What an outstanding Premium Edition.
* Has Imagination added Sony to Apple consumer design win? [EE Times] Well, has they?
* The Super Mario Galaxy Cake – King Of All Game Cakes [Kotaku] Seriously, if someone did a cake like that for me, I wouldn’t want it to be eaten for a while, then I’d take a big bite.
* Fraser Valley students stick it to Mario 3 [The Tanooki] Another Super Mario piece of art, how determined they must have been to take nearly 3 semesters and 17,000 push-pins!
* Destroy All Humans PS3 coming to Europe [Eurogamer] Why can’t people just get their stories straight?
* Meta-Metareview: The best reviewed games of 2008 [Joystiq] An interesting sort-of related topic. Only 12 of 55 titles that were among the best this year were not sequels!

And in a totally unrelated topic, the SEGA Dreamcast turned 10 the 26th, that’s a lot of years! Who still plays theirs?

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