Kinectimals Now with Bears! releases Fall

Microsoft has announced a sequel to its cute, furry animal adventure game Kinectimals. The new edition titled Kinectimals Now with Bears! adds non-threatening versions of its real life counterparts. After all, I wouldn’t want to reach out to one with my “bear” hands in real life.

Only the bear necessities, the new version allows you to adopt five new bear species: Black, Grizzly, Cinnamon, Glacier, and Polar. It still bears resemblance to its original in that you’ll be teaching these animals new tricks and collecting treasures. 10 more unlockable animals are found through exploration and probably an unbearable amount through promotional items from Toys R’ Us and downloadable content.

It’ll be available as a retail product for $49.99 or as a $14.99 “Bear Island” downloadable expansion. I can’t wait for the next installment.

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1 Comment

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