Rayman Legends Delayed, Coming to PS3 and 360

Ubisoft Montpellier’s Rayman Legends is no longer exclusive to Wii U. An Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will launch along side the Wii U version at it’s delayed launch of September.

Exciting news for fans of Rayman who don’t own a Wii U because Ubisoft has supposedly listened to the pleas of other console owners and decided to bring the game to Xbox 360 and PS3.

This news comes three weeks before the game was supposed to be released for Wii U which has now been announced to be released at the same time as on other platforms in September, 6 months later and nearly a year after the launch of the Wii U.

This may come as a result of feedback from the Wii U demo which was released earlier this year, which seemed like it put too much emphasis on the Wii U GamePad’s motion and touch controls. 


In email correspondence last month with the Rayman Legends PR lead Sarah Irvin I asked if the game could be played with out the use of the GamePad. She replied with:

Since the game was created to fully integrate the unique functionalities of the Wii U GamePad, specifically touch screen, it is required to use the GamePad to play through the full game solo.”



It will be interesting to see how Ubisoft Montpellier will rework the GamePad exclusive levels, content and gameplay to the other platforms and if the Wii U version will also be changed to support solo play without the use of the GamePad. 

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