Skylanders Superchargers Brings Vehicles Into Play, September 20 Release

Activision has announced Skylanders Superchargers and it has a September 20, 2015 release date.

Developer Vicarious Visions is heading the effort and plans to bring out twenty new SuperChargers characters and twenty new vehicles to accompany them. Players can mix and match, however the best experience will be pairing each SuperCharger character with its signature vehicle to create awesomeness and receive in-game boosts. Outside of the game, Portal Masters can take advantage of the toy’s movable parts.

Skylanders Superchargers has backwards compatibility with previous toys so you won’t feel left behind. A Starter Pack has also been announced featuring a Skylanders vehicle, a new Portal of Power, and the full retail game at 74.99.

Available on virtually every platform, expect the Skyanders Superchargers experience to be unified unless of course you own a Nintendo Wii or 3DS, then you get a different one.

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