Dropzone Drops Onto Steam Early Access

Sparkypants Studios and Gameforge have announced that Dropzone is now available through Steam Early Access. Dropzone is a hybrid of the Real-Time Strategy genre and the wildly popular MOBA genre, developed by RTS veterans who have worked on such titles as Rise of Nations, Civilization II, Alpha Centauri. Jason Coleman, President of Sparkypants Studios, commented on the game’s 15 minute matches:

“Players are the backbone of Sparkypants Studios, and their feedback and support has helped us turn Dropzone into a game that’s quick and modern while retaining the feel of classic RTS multiplayer. Internally, we’ve said that our goal is to ‘deconstruct’ the RTS genre, working to build an accessible game for a broad range of players that offers fierce competition and flexible play-styles in fast sessions.”

You can find out more about Dropzone on its official Steam page here. For more information, check out the trailer above.

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