‘Loot Rascals’ Pre-Release Interview with Ricky Haggett of Hollow Ponds

Leading up to the March 7 release of Loot Rascals on PS4 and PC, had the opportunity to speak with Ricky Haggett, co-founder of game developer Hollow Ponds, about their upcoming indie title, Loot Rascals. Join Kyle Haste of MonsterVine’s IndieComplete podcast for an in-depth discussion about Loot Rascals, its design, gameplay, what makes it unique, and what ties all the elements of the game together. To listen to the interview, which features music from the game, click play below, or download directly.

Loot Rascals is an upcoming roguelike title featuring slick animation, and a look styled on retro sci-fi and british humor, with turn-based roguelike gameplay and card-based abilities.

Main topics of discussion:

  • (00:00) A thorough breakdown of Loot Rascals gameplay
  • (05:42) In a game featuring plenty of player death, how do you keep it fun and not frustrating?
  • (11:00) The game feels quite unique, is there a design philosophy or outlook you stick to that brings this out?
  • (16:48) How has the terrain of today’s indie game scene influenced the development of Loot Rascals?
  • (28:38) What’s next for Loot Rascals? For Hollow Ponds?
  • And much much more!

Show notes:

-Visit for more about the game
-You can find Ricky Haggert on twitter @kommanderklobb
Loot Rascals music featured in the interview by Grandmaster Gareth
-You can find Dave Swatpaz at @swatpaz &
-You can find Brent Kobayashi at @meowza &
-You can find more about the Loot Rascals team at

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Loot Rascals trailer:

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