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Anomaly 2 Revealed

by Diego Escala - on Feb 28th 2013 - No Comments

The secret game 11 bit studios was teasing has finally been revealed as the sequel to the popular reverse tower defense game Anomaly Warzone Earth. ...

New screenshots, key art for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

by William Saw - on Dec 10th 2011 - 1 Comment

Konami released a batch of screenshots and key art following the premiere of the rebooted Metal Gear Rising: Revengenace (now developed by Platinum Games) at the 2011 Spike VGAs. (more…)

House of the Dead Overkill Gets Extended Cut for PS3

by William Saw - on May 27th 2011 - No Comments

Originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2009, The House of the Dead: Overkill will be coming over to Playstation 3 in an Extended Cut edition featuring full HD, stereoscopic 3D, and Playstation Move support.

The on-rails shooter has players in the middle of a mutant outbreak in Bayou County, there’s also alot of **** thrown around too. The Extended Cut edition is releasing just in time for Halloween on October 25 in the United States and October 28 in Europe. (more…)

Kinect Appetizer – Kinectimals

by William Saw - on Nov 23rd 2010 - No Comments

We reviewed Kinectimals last week and now here is our long awaited video Kinect Appetizer for the game. Watch as Will and Gyuri discuss a children’s game and all the things that make it so horribly wrong for that demographic. With that said though, we both came to the conclusion that this is the best core experience among the Kinect titles available right now.

Kinect Appetizer – Dance Masters

by William Saw - on Nov 23rd 2010 - No Comments

Gyuri and Will dive right in to Konami’s evolution of the Naoki Maeda’s Dance franchise with the Kinect exclusive, Dance Masters (Dance Evolution in EU). Dance Masters feels like the next step for the franchise, incorporating staple DDR gameplay with a natural choreography. It contains a variety of cute J-Pop tracks, club hits, and even some hip hop. We discuss our lack of dancing ability, get into a few songs, and bring the experience of “having the ultimate dance club right in our living rooms.”

The Appetizer – Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (singleplayer)

by William Saw - on Nov 21st 2010 - No Comments

In this episode of The Appetizer, Will, Gyuri, and Craig return to form a brotherhood and assassinate some dudes in Ubisoft Montreal’s latest Assassins Creed adventure. We discuss the singleplayer portion of the game which is surprisingly very lengthy considering it had less than one year from development to release. Ezio Auditore must take back the Apple of Eden, face off with his new arch-nemesis Cesare Borgia, and all the while restoring the Assassins Brotherhood in Rome.

The Appetizer – Call of Duty: Black Ops (singleplayer)

by William Saw - on Nov 14th 2010 - No Comments

In this episode of The Appetizer, Will and Gyuri don their tinfoil hats for a conspiracy theory in Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty: Black Ops. We discuss the non-chronological singleplayer storyline filled with flashbacks, redacted statements, and plenty of covert operations. In particular, we showcase the first level of Black Ops tracing back to the historic Bay of Pigs event where the CIA is tasked with assassinating Fidel Castro.

The Appetizer – Fable 3

by William Saw - on Nov 3rd 2010 - No Comments

Alright, alright, the review is still in the works bear with me here. -Will

In this edition of The Appetizer, MonsterVine’s only video game video feature, Gyuri and Will return to the mystical continent of Albion to fulfill our hero’s destiny and become king. Fable 3 tasks the player with leading a revolution by gathering allies and ultimately dethroning your tyrant king brother to rule Albion. Once king, you realize being in the seat of power is not all its cracked up to be. Anyway, we’ll let the video decide if the game is worth your time or not.

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