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Animal Gods Release Announced

by Spencer Legacy - on Oct 8th 2015 - No Comments

Still Games has announced that their upcoming RPG, Animal Gods, is complete, and will be available on October 12th for PC, Mac, and Linux. ...

The Rivers of Alice Extended Version Review

by Spencer Legacy - on Oct 8th 2015 - No Comments

Though it’s art and sound feel like they came straight from a pleasant dream, Rivers of Alice Extended Version‘s extremely slow pace and sometimes nonsensical puzzles keep the game from reaching its full potential. ...

Avenged Sevenfold Included In Guitar Hero Live

by Spencer Legacy - on Sep 14th 2015 - No Comments
GH Live_Avenged Sevenfold_Still002

Activision has announced that songs from the popular band Avenged Sevenfold will be included in their upcoming game, Guitar Hero Live. ...

Pumped BMX+ Lands on September 18

by William Saw - on Sep 14th 2015 - No Comments

Curve Digital and indie developer YEAHUS have announced the release of Pumped BMX+ for Xbox One and PC on September 18, with PS4, PS Vita, and Playstation 3 on September 22, as well as Wii U on September 24. ...

Disney Infinity 3.0 Review

by Spencer Legacy - on Sep 10th 2015 - 1 Comment

Disney Infinity 3.0 is as much of a video game as it is a giant playground. Through the combination of physical figures and the ridiculously expansive Toybox, Disney Infinity 3.0 aims to make the enormous universe of Star Wars an accessible and customizable experience in a way that no game has before. These efforts are not in vain, as Disney...

Nova-111 Now Available on PS4, PC, and Mac

by Spencer Legacy - on Aug 26th 2015 - No Comments

Funktronic Labs and Curve Digital’s newest real-time turn-based adventure game, Nova-111, is now available on PS4, PC, and Mac. ...

Nova-111 Launch Trailer

by Spencer Legacy - on Aug 21st 2015 - No Comments

Funktronic Labs and Curve Digital have released a launch trailer for their newest real-time turn-based puzzle game, Nova-111. ...

Siegecraft Commander Release Window Announced

by Spencer Legacy - on Aug 18th 2015 - No Comments

Blowfish Games has announced that the latest addition to the Siegecraft series, Siegecraft Commander, will be released in the first quarter of 2016.  ...

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