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Meet the Cast of The Evil Within

by Diego Escala - on Aug 26th 2014 - No Comments
the evil within logo

As you slowly work your way through the rusted monster filled hallways in The Evil Within take comfort in knowing a celebrity is voicing your character. ...

Watch 35 Minutes of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Gameplay

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Aug 19th 2014 - No Comments
witcher 3 wild hunt logo

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend Witcher demos at E3, San Diego Comic Con, or Gamescom stop what you are doing right now and watch this 35 Min gameplay segment narrated by senior level designer, Peter Gelencser. ...

Guardians Are From Mars, Robotic Aliens Are From Venus

by Diego Escala - on Aug 18th 2014 - No Comments

Take a look at the latest Destiny trailer showcasing the planet Venus and a new enemy you’ll spend hours killing there. ...

Make Paris Your Playground in Assassins Creed Unity

by William Saw - on Aug 12th 2014 - No Comments

Parkour your way through Paris in Assassins Creed Unity this October 28th for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. ...

Sierra Returns As Indie Publisher

by William Saw - on Aug 12th 2014 - No Comments

Activision is bringing back the Sierra brand rebranding itself as a indie shop with the announcement of a new King’s Quest video game coming 2015 and a new Geometry Wars game planned for release this holiday 2014. King’s Quest is currently in development at The Odd Gentlemen (The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom) in an all...

I Don’t Think Dead Island 2 Knows That California Isn’t An Island

by Diego Escala - on Aug 11th 2014 - No Comments
Dead Island 2 cover

Dead Island 2 looks to be a lot sillier than its predecessor and the sunny scenery is definitely a welcome breathe of fresh air as well. ...

Advanced Warfare You Had Me At Jetpacks

by Diego Escala - on Aug 11th 2014 - No Comments
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare banner

Double jumping is my favorite pastime so being able to do it in Call of Duty is exactly the type of thing to get me back into the series. ...

Live Out Your Zombie Apocalypse Parkour Fantasies With Friends in Dying Light

by Diego Escala - on Aug 8th 2014 - No Comments
dying light_screenshot_pack02_01

I’m still not tired of zombie games which means I’m still super excited for Dying Light even though it broke my heart by pushing out date into 2015. ...

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