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Spirits of Xanadu Review

by Cody Scaggs - on Mar 26th 2015 - No Comments
spirits of xanadu review

Spirits of Xanadu is a new puzzle game with horror elements by Allen Trivette and Lee Williams, that releases Thursday, March 26th, 2015. I had a blast playing through it and I think you will too. ...

White Night Review

by Cody Scaggs - on Mar 17th 2015 - No Comments
White Night

Developer: OSome-Studio Price: $14.99 Platform: Xbox One (Reviewed), PS4, PC, Mac, Linux A Review copy of White Night was supplied to us OSome Studio, creators of such classics as, well actually you’ve probably never heard of them, but that’s all about to change. On March 3rd they unleashed White Night, a minimalist survival-horror puzzler...

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review

by Michael Thomas Elliott - on Mar 16th 2015 - No Comments

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is one of the better Dragon Ball games, for a variety of reasons, and is one of those rare gems that objectively isn’t a phenomenal titles, but will be extremely worthwhile for the correct fanbase. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is solid and enjoyable title that fans of Dragon Ball Z will love, and is only brought down by a...

Homeworld Remastered Collection Review

by Diego Escala - on Mar 6th 2015 - No Comments

Homeworld Remastered Collection Developer: Gearbox Software Price: $35 Platform: PC MonsterVine was supplied with a Steam code for review Homeworld is a timeless classic that was easily ahead of its time in terms of storytelling and gameplay mechanics but it’s a game that, for some reason so few seem to have played. With this remastered...

Life is Strange – Episode 1 Review

by William Saw - on Feb 9th 2015 - No Comments

Life is Strange is sometimes strange but it skillfully panders to a moment in our lives that is all too well known.  ...

Dying Light Review

by Diego Escala - on Feb 2nd 2015 - No Comments
dying light banner

Dying Light Developer: Techland Price: $60 Platform: PC, PS4, and Xbox One MonsterVine was supplied with a PS4 code for Dying Light It’s been two years since we were shown Dying Light and Techland’s zombie runner is finally here. ...

Metrocide Review

by Diego Escala - on Dec 12th 2014 - No Comments
metrocide banner

Metrocide Developer: Flat Earth Games Price: $7 in Early Access / $13 after full release Platform: PC A Steam code of Metrocide was supplied to us Metrocide is a top-down stealth game set in a slick cyberpunk world where you’re always just one mistake away from being turned into a bloody mess on the concrete. ...

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

by Diego Escala - on Nov 12th 2014 - 2 Comments
call of duty advanced warfare cover

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Developer: Sledgehammer Games Price: $60 Platform: PC, PS3/PS4, and Xbox One/360 A PS4 copy of Advanced Warfare was supplied to us It’s Call of Duty season which means it’s time for Mountain Dewritos jokes and constant explosions to fill your social media news feed. Ever since the release of Call...

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