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Transformers Devastation Review

by Diego Escala - on Nov 20th 2015 - No Comments
transformers devastation banner

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good, lighthearted Transformers game and of course PlatinumGames would be the ones to do it right. ...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

by Diego Escala - on Nov 19th 2015 - No Comments
Black Ops 3 banner

It’s time for this year’s Call of Duty game to drop and while Treyarch has usually been pretty solid on all points with their releases, Black Ops 3 stumbles a little. ...


by Travis McMullen - on Nov 18th 2015 - No Comments

What do you get when you combine intense platforming, an apocalyptic future ruled by robots and Peruvian clothing? Poncho. ...

Albert and Otto – The Adventure Begins Review

by Travis McMullen - on Nov 11th 2015 - No Comments

In an industry awash in puzzle-platformers does Albert and Otto – The Adventure Begins do enough to differentiate itself from the rest? (more…)

Undertale Review

by Spencer Legacy - on Nov 6th 2015 - No Comments

Undertale is a truly remarkable experience that manages to be thoroughly enjoyable in both its unique RPG gameplay, and surprisingly deep and powerful narrative. Undertale Developer: tobyfox Price: $9.99 Platforms: PC (reviewed) and Mac Undertale is the kind of game that only comes out once in awhile. What started as a simple Kickstarter...

Life is Strange Review

by William Saw - on Nov 5th 2015 - No Comments

Life is Strange is a emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. In five acts, developers DONTNOD manage to craft a truly engaging episodic narrative causing anxiety and anticipation with each successive release. ...

SOMA Review

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Nov 2nd 2015 - No Comments

SOMA is a beautifully atmospheric game with a curious setting which drives exploration while progressing an interesting story, albeit slightly lacking in the horror department. ...

The Park Review

by Michael Thomas Elliott - on Oct 30th 2015 - No Comments

Just in time for Halloween comes Funcom’s The Park. Sometime in the last couple of years a new genre has arisen that is more an experience than a game. ...

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