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App Attack – Second Edition

by Diego Escala - on Feb 17th 2012 - No Comments
MV App Attack

I haven’t done one of these in quite a while since I haven’t really been buying any apps lately. Well this post is featuring the newly released Tiny Toots (since it’s actually new) with a few older titles I never got around to talking about. I recently got a Windows 7 phone so hopefully I’ll do a few things from...

App Attack

by Diego Escala - on May 15th 2011 - No Comments

I come from the land of iOS devices with more apps. Also I’m kind of sick of the subtitled title already so I’m just going to stick with App Attack from now on. I also made a quick little picture I’ll use from now on as the thumbnail. I’d also like to remind you guys to continually check up on the free games since lots of sweet priced games get knocked to free for a few days and you can get some neat stuff sometimes like Spirits & Vector Runner for free.

App Attack: 3×1=More Apps

by Diego Escala - on Apr 11th 2011 - 1 Comment

I come from the land of iOS with treasured (and some cursed) apps. I request that you buy any that aren’t free since Apple pays me each time I type this out and somebody buys something.

App Attack: What’s In My Other Pocket?

by Diego Escala - on Mar 23rd 2011 - No Comments

I return once again from the land of iOS devices with new apps that I have uncovered during my stay. I urge you to buy them all because I get a percentage of all profits for advertising for iTunes. At least that’s what I like to think happens. (more…)

App Attack: What’s In My Pocket?

by Diego Escala - on Feb 21st 2011 - 1 Comment

I’ve been getting pretty heavy in app games lately since I got a shiny new iPod Touch and I’ve been taking every joke I made about iPhone gamers back ever since. I come across neat little titles every so often so I decided to type up articles on the ones I’ve been addicted to recently to let anyone in on any big app titles like Dead Space or hook them up with lesser known titles such as Stenches or Hook Worlds. (more…)

The iPhone wins top business smartphone satisfaction marks.

by carlos velasco - on Nov 18th 2008 - No Comments

Since the release of Apple’s massively popular phone, the iPhone, it really was not considered much of a business phone. That award went to phones like the Blackberry, and phones with the Windows Mobile OS. That impression is changing as Apple adds more enterprise-friendly features to the iPhone. Now the iPhone has received the highest award possible in the most recent of the J.D. Power & Associates customer satisfaction survey of business smartphone users. 


Apple is already beating Blackberry-maker Research in Motion in terms of revenues, but with the release of the J.D. Power & Associates results, Apple has brought one more triumph over RIM (Research In Motion) to add to the already growing list. 


Out of 1,000 possible points, Apple received the high score of  778, RIM and Samsung came in second with the scores 703 and 701 (respectively). The iPhone scores high marks for it’s innovative design, features, and the ease of use. Consequentially though Apple iPhone owners also had to pay the most for the devices, as the average price for their smartphones, $337.

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