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Xbox 360 Newswire 08/01

by Andy Jackson - on Jan 8th 2009 - No Comments

Yes, the 360 newswire is back and here is the most important things concerning everyone’s favourite Microsoft made console.

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Box Art Revealed
Skate 2 Demo lands on XBL today
Square-Enix Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Ubisoft
Fallout 3 DLC screenshots [1] [2] [3]
Release dates and pre-order bonuses for Godfather II announced
Xbox 360 Game Creator Kodu Coming This Spring
Behind the Scenes Trailer: Fable II DLC Knothole Island
SONY Pictures Confirms Ghostbusters Video Game Release for June 16th
New Prototype Media Including Screens and a Trailer

Xbox 360 Newswire 01/06

by Andy Jackson - on Jan 6th 2009 - No Comments

Yes, finally the Xbox 360 newswire is back for lots of Xbox related stuff. Since our usual Xbox newswire writer has been kidnapped by another MonsterVine staff member, I thought it’s about time that someone else should step up to the task. So here it is, the latest news from the 6th January 2009.

  • The Xbox 360 hits 28,000,000 units sold in 2008
  • EA bring Family Game Night to XBLA
  • New Battlestations: Pacific Trailer revealed
  • Battlestations: Pacific Community website unleashed upon the interwebernet
  • Final Resident Evil 5 Boxart revealed
  • SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Boxart revealed
  • PlayStation 3 Newswire – December 21st

    by MegaClank - on Dec 21st 2008 - No Comments

    Thanks for your patience (or lack there of) of not getting any Newswires from me, or anything else really, being the last week of school I had a test what seemed like everyday, every period and more than one in each class. Being the end of the semester, one would think that. So here’s another gigantic update with so many articles that your weekend is spent.

    Doubtless if you haven’t already seen the SPIKE 2008 Video Game Awards Show, you’ve read who the winners are, well here are some extra interviews right after the show:

    * SPIKE 2008 VGAs: Media Molecule win Studio of the Year, LittleBigPlanet Best PS3 game [PS BLOG]

    * SPIKE 2008 VGAs: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves trailer World Premiere [PS BLOG]

    * SPIKE 2008 VGAs: God of War III Gameplay Trailer World Premiere [PS BLOG]

    * Getting the Most from Speed Races in MotorStorm Pacific Rift [PS BLOG] Nigel shares some helpful tips on getting those Gold Medals in the Speed Races.
    * Penny Arcade Adventures Episode Two on PSN this week [PS BLOG] Penny Arcade Adventures is not my cup of tea, but it might be yours. An expensive $15 cup of tea . . . .
    * Crash Commando Available Tomorrow on PSN – First Tips and Strategies [PS BLOG] Crash Commando definitely looks like fun, “NO PLOT, NO GIRLS!”

    * Exciting News on SingStar Backwards Compatibility! [PS BLOG] Exciting if switching discs constantly is exciting.
    * PlayStation Home System Maintenance [PS BLOG] In case you missed it, V1.04 for HOME has launched, no mic support, probably due to so much profanity.
    * Inside the Heavy Rain Press Event [PS BLOG] A look into the Heavy Rain production, at least for 35 game journalists.
    * High Velocity Bowling – New DLC and Holiday Surprises [PS BLOG] Enjoying High Velocity Bowling? I bet you are, here are some more things to enjoy!
    * New inFamous inFo inComing [PS BLOG] inFAMOUS is going to be a killer game this Spring 2009. The G4 video can be seen here: Hands On Preview: inFAMOUS and Face Time: ‘Infamous’ Developer Nate Fox .* Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Coming To PSN in January [PS BLOG] A new Mahjong game for the PSN early in January!
    * “Sack it to me” – The Holiday Edition [PS BLOG] Wondering why you updated to V1.06 and then the next day to V1.07 as I did? Well, now you know what’s in both of them, like the fancy new search feature and In-game PS Store!
    * LittleBigPlanet introduces “Level Packs” @ PS Store: 12/18/08 [PS BLOG] For $2.99, I guess it’s not bad, too much for me though.
    * LBP Premium Level Packs + Costume Packs (Metal Gear Solid Edition) – on the PS Store 12/23 [PS BLOG] This on the other hand, is very awesome and worth $11.98, a MGS4 Level and Costume Pack, very nice indeed. AND a paintball gun? Sold.

    * PS3: Not Just For Games Anymore [PS BLOG] It’s never been “Just for Games,” I know many who only have PS3’s for Blu-ray funtion.

    * Hands On Preview: Resistance: Retribution [G4TV]
    * Price drops & deals: SingStar for $20, Far Cry for $40, more [PS3 Fanboy] Looking for some incredibly-last-minute gifts? Wanting something for yourself? How about EndWar for $40? Prince of Persia for the same price? Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? It looks as though these prices are permanent though, not holiday sales.
    * Lumines Supernova priced and dated [PS3 Fanboy] $15 this Tuesday, December 23rd. Europeans have to wait until “early 2009,” sorry about that.
    * PixelJunk Monsters coming to PSP [PS3 Fanboy] Official, PixelJunk Monsters for the PSP! Great news for those wanting it, there’s extra content!
    * WipEout HD demo coming Christmas Eve [PS3 Fanboy] Well, “Christmas Eve” is when the Europeans get a WipEout HD demo. Great game; it’ll have a single track and then it’ll preview the rest. There will be a price reduction until January 8th, no price given.
    * Official Resistance 2 tournament begins next week [PS3 Fanboy] I’d join, but I’m much to busy to preocupy myself with another tournament. Registration begins tomorrow.
    * Mirror’s Edge demo now includes Time Trial Mode [PS3 Fanboy] I already deleted the demo, but I might again. Ironically I’m listening to the Main Theme right now, a sign?
    * Rumor: Square Enix’s next MMO unveiling at E3 2009 [PS3 Fanboy] It better not be like FFXI.
    * Fallout 3 patch brings Trophies, stops annoying freezing bug [PS3 Fanboy] Finally, no more stupid freezing and Trophies to make it all better.
    * Jaffe admits ‘meh’ GOW3 debut, promises game looks much better [PS3 Fanboy] Good thing I wasn’t the only one.
    * Sony brainstorming with the Home community [PS3 Fanboy] That’s how that came to be. . . . (The Jukebox)
    * Uncharted 2 direct feed screens [NeoGAF Forums] NOMNOMNOMNOM. These artworks and screenshots will pop your eyes and probably destroy your computer in their beauty.
    * Final Fantasy XIII Scans [VideoGamerX] These are in fact scans, they’re nice.
    * Sony to stop using frustrating, wasteful clamshell packaging [Joystiq] Death to the Clamshell!

    * Report: PS3 going 3-D, 4th dimension untapped [Joystiq] PS3 to gain 3D (4D) funtionality through Firmware Update? It seems like it. (That means red & blue glasses for Blu-rays and games). Well, I haven’t seen red and blue glasses for a while.
    * Dissidia Final Fantasy coming to NA mid-2009 [Joystiq] The game is 40 hours long, consider me painted intrigued.
    * PS3 Trophy Sync Bug Will Be Patched [Kotaku] Great way to get this to not happen in the first place: don’t change your PSN ID or password.
    * MC Hammer says he’s working on ‘secret project’ with Activision [Joystiq] 50 Cent 2: MC Hammer. I can see it now.
    * Nintendo opens ‘store within store’ at Times Square Toys ‘R’ Us [Joystiq] “Yo dawg, i herd you liek stores, so i put a sto’e in yo sto’e so yo can shop while yo shop!”

    And in other news, Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix has set some records, 250k units from the PSN and XBLA:

    HD Remix has shattered both day one and week one sales records and will most likely break 30 day sales records as well,” associate product manager, John Diamonon, said.

    The Long Awaited PS3 Newswire – December 12th

    by MegaClank - on Dec 12th 2008 - No Comments

    So it’s been quite a long time since I last did a PS3 Newswire, I don’t apologize, because then I’d be saying I don’t care about school. So here it is, way out there and with a lot of articles to read.

    * PlayStation Home Open Beta Launches Tomorrow [PS BLOG] The HOME Open Beta launched yesterday, hoorah! and is quite laggy as explained by the rush of hooligans trying to get in.

    * PlayStation Home Beta Update [PS BLOG] Just wait for everyone to get bored with HOME so you can log in.
    * LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update – Santa Edition [PS BLOG] HECK YES! A SANTA OUTFIT RELEASED IN TWO SEPERATE DOWNLOADS! WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED! /rant.
    LittleBigPlanet's Santa Costume!
    * LBP + Street Fighter DLC @ PS Store: 12/11/08 [PS BLOG] In all honesty, these costumes are pretty cool, but $1.99 each or $6 for all of them is ridiculous.
    LittleBigPlanet's Street Fighter IV Costumes!
    * “SACK IT TO ME”…Weekly Answers to the LBP Community’s Questions (12/9) [PS BLOG] Some of this is good to read, some, not so much.
    * Crash Commando Coming Soon to PSN! [PS BLOG] Crash Commando, the long-awaited PSN title that has Trophies, 8 Maps, 1-12 players online, voice support and leaderboards! Go read what Magnus and Olof have to say about how they worked at DICE!
    * Inside the Killzone 2 Press Events [PS BLOG] Some sweet news on our favourite 2009 Shooter, Killzone 2.
    * echochrome PS3 Update Today: Trophies and User-generated Stages! [PS BLOG] echochrome for the PS3 finally gets Trophies! I haven’t played it for a while, it’s fun. Along with 1000 User-Generated Levels!

    * MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Photography 101 [PS BLOG] Want Motorstorm: Pacific Rift photography lessons? Check this out.
    * Introducing PULSE Presented by PlayStation Network [PS BLOG] PULSE seems cool enough, but will it work?
    * LUMINES Supernova Coming Soon, with LBP Skin! [PS BLOG] Not sure if I’ve shown this already or not, but LUMINES looks great!
    * Free Resistance 2 Themes, R:FOM Map Packs, and More [PS BLOG] Go download some free Resistance goodies at the PlayStation Store!
    A New Resistance 2 Screenshot!
    A New Resistance 2 Screenshot!
    * Fat Princess Takes The Cake, Voice Chat Coming [Kotaku]

    “Yes, voice chat support is planned for Fat Princess.”

    * Flower’s A Breath Of Fresh Air [Kotaku] I personally can’t wait for this title!
    * White Knight Chronicles: The Box Art, The New Screenshots [Kotaku] This game looks amazing, what are your thoughts?
    The White Knight Chronicles Japan Boxart!
    * White Knight Chronicles Gets Manga Preview [Kotaku] Awaiting translation . . . .
    * Heavy Rain’s vital statistics [Eurogamer] This game, Heavy Rain, does not fool around. The game is 2,000 pages long, has 40,000 words of non-linear dialogue, has been in production for 15 months, everything has been sketched and painted, has been worked on for 480 man-months, it has had 170 days of shooting in 9 months and has 30,000 unique animations recorded. Just to name a few, check out the rest, seirously.
    * CLOT x PSP Military M65 Jacket [HypeBeast] Look at this new PSP Military Jacket! Looks tight right? It is, but would you really want to walk around with that? You can only get it at the Asia Game Show 2008 through a drawing on December 19th and 22nd.
    * Sony “Interested” In Downloadable PS2 Games, Not So Much Netflix For PS3 [Kotaku] Sounds like a way to play those PS2 games I never got the chance to, I hope this ends up working out!
    * Happy Tenth Birthday, Havok! [Kotaku] Everyones seems to be turning 10 nowadays!
    * Joystiq Interview: How to quit games for a year [Joystiq] Ever wonder how much time you’d have on your hands if you quit gaming? One man did, for a year, he’s run a half-marathon, read 12 books and more! Read this interview to see what else he did and how he came upon it.
    * New FFXIII & Versus XIII images from Cloud, including gameplay pics [PS3 Fanboy] See those pictures? They’re quite small, but they are there, check them out.
    * Killzone 2 screenshots (do we need to say more?) [PS3 Fanboy] They look good (do I need to say more?)
    * Upcoming Home content shown at London media day [PS3 Fanboy] A great look into more things HOME.
    * SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Features (Part 5) [SOCOM Official Site] It’s about time I get my Trophies! No longer must I put off playing SOCOM: Confrontation! Note: Trophies are only counted in Ranked Games. But WAIT! It’s not out yet.

    Here’s a new Tic-Tac-Toe level in LittleBigPlanet, it’s up to par with the caculator level!

    And this is what Mirror’s Edge should have looked like on consoles:

    Too bad it’s for the PC.

    PS3 Newswire – December 5th

    by MegaClank - on Dec 5th 2008 - 1 Comment

    Sweet, it’s Friday, finally.

    * Age of Booty features Platinum Trophy — get a code and find out for yourself [PS3 Fanboy] Quite easily the best Trophy-Racking game of all time, with two Silver Trophies, TEN Gold Trophies and a Platinum to cap it all off. The game is $9.99 and will be patched soon.
    * Harrison: Home is “brilliantly realised” [Eurogamer] Phil Harrison still can’t stop praising Sony’s HOME.
    * Trine Casting A Lovely Spell On PSN [Kotaku] A splendid new PSN/PC title that will feature 2D scrolling and 3D graphics, looks great.

    * A Next Metal Gear Is… Green? [Kotaku] New teaser from Konami, what does it mean? It could be an iPhone game, a 360 game, a PS3 game, a PSP game a PC game mayhaps, who knows?
    * The PS3 Wireless Keypad, In My Cold, Cold Hands [Kotaku] It seems the PS3 Wireless Keypad isn’t a complete waste of money for some, seeing as how I have a nice wireless USB keyboard, it would be utterly useless. Although you don’t notice it.
    * Prince of Persia Review [Eurogamer] Another Prince of Persia review! I just got this game myself, I don’t know if you’ll be expecting a review though, school takes up too much time.
    * LUMINES Supernova Coming Soon, with LBP Skin! [PS BLOG] LUMINES looks like an addicting new PSN title!

    And in other news, Killzone 2 will be released February 27th, 2009! As reported by G4. Sounds great, can’t wait.

    PS3 Newswire – December 4th

    by MegaClank - on Dec 4th 2008 - No Comments

    Well I’ve been busy with many many school projects ranging from English reasearch projects to Science fair projects. I’m having a tough time fitting everything in, so here are a lot or articles you’ll laugh at, you’ll read and you’ll thank me for. Or at least that’s the plan. There are also some nice video trailers.

    * SackBoy “Plushies” [Play Asia] Indeed, these horrible renditions of LittleBigPlanet‘s iconic characters, the “SackPerson”(s) have been legalized, but look awful in my opinion. We need official ones. $9.90 for a 4 in. SackPerson or $15.90 for a 10 in. SackPerson.
    * Heavy Rain Preview for PS3 [1UP]

    This is because the videogame, as a medium, has been too immature to tell complex and subtle stories. I made this mistake myself at the end of [Indigo Prophecy], where I felt my story needed something spectacular because all I had so far was normal people leading a normal life. I realized that the “normal” part was the one that worked the best, and that it wasn’t necessary to save the world to tell something exciting anymore. Heavy Rain will be about normal people in real life, and I believe it’ll be much more emotionally involving, as gamers will easily relate to the situations and characters. This is a new approach. In Heavy Rain, you won’t be a superhero or a gangster. You’ll just be someone real. – David Cage

    A Heavy Rain Screenshot!
    * Pata Pata Plushies [Kotaku] These Patapon plushies look great, but they’re priced at $40 each.
    * Behold, Japan’s Winning LittleBigPlanet Costume [Kotaku] This is a “traditional japanese Kabuki attire” and is available as a free download on the PS Store!
    * Mirror’s Edge DLC packs a PS3 exclusive [PS BLOG] This looks alright don’t know if it would be anything I’d want.

    * What Do Some Japanese Commenters Think Of Faith From Mirror’s Edge? [Kotaku] Prepare to read comments such as:

    “Man, the Mirror’s Edge protagonist is way creepy… It’s like some Asian female stereotype.”
    “Slant eyes for Asians is the same as big lips for black people.” And,
    “Well, Japanese people have the stereotype that Americans are fat, bald and clumsy. It’s the same.”

    * “SACK IT TO ME”…Weekly Answers to the LBP Community’s Questions [PS BLOG] Sort of a nice Q&A.
    * New Video Releases on the PlayStation Store [PS BLOG] Step Brothers and X-Files: I Want to Believe have been added, along with another title, what is it?
    * Killzone 2 on G4TV’s X-Play Tomorrow [PS BLOG] Today actually, and will be airing pretty soon – wait it passed, sorry about that.
    * Qore Episode 07 is Coming… and it’s FREE! [PS BLOG] I’m downloading mine, it comes with a free demo of FLOCK!

    * Exclusive FLOCK! Winter Demo on Qore! [PS BLOG] It looks worth a try.

    * Pioneer’s 400GB Blu-ray disc will work in current players [Update] [PS3 Fanboy] 400 GigaBytes. Wow. When are we going to use these?
    * Joystiq hands-on: Killzone 2 single-player campaign [Joystiq] Definitely worth a read if you’re in the market of purchasing Killzone 2.
    * Killzone 2 Hands On [Eurogamer] Another great read for those looking to purchase Killzone 2.
    * Blast Factor – Now With Trophies! [PS BLOG] I remember the demo from way back when, really fun game, and for $12.99 for the game and the two bundles, that’s a pretty good deal, considering the purchase gives you a variety of Bronze and Silver Trophies (25 in total). Even DUALSHOCK 3 controller support has been added!
    * Blast Factor Trophies [PS3 Trophies] The list seems easy and hard, will you pick it up now?
    * Everyday Shooter Blasts onto PSP Today [PS BLOG] Apparently no graphics were lost in this port, what does that say about the PSP, or PS3 for that matter?

    * Greenpeace: Sony is ‘significantly greener’ than Microsoft or Nintendo [PS3 Fanboy]

    Included in them are the big three video game manufacturers: Sony received a 24/45, compared to Microsoft’s score of 15/45 and Nintendo’s abysmally low score of 4/45.

    Hey, nobody’s perfect, at least Sony’s trying as compared to Nintendo.
    * Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Guitar Hero 5 and Tony Hawk announced [PS3 Fanboy] Sounds exciting. But please, I haven’t finished Call of Duty: World at War yet, give me some time.
    * The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf coming to PS3 [PS3 Fanboy] Sounds good to me. Fall 2009.
    * echochrome Trophies [PS3 Fanboy] This list looks solid, I might have to start practicing again. No date on release of patch though.
    * Killzone 2 Trophies [PS3 Fanboy] Wow, these look awesomely difficult.
    * Brain Challenge Trophies [PS3 Fanboy] Interesting game, if you have it, here is the Trophy list!
    * Good News! Rumor Is True: Mall Items Coming Tomorrow, 12/4! [PS Forums] Probably the most exciting piece of news for me today. I am going right now to download them.
    A Heavy Rain Screenshot!

    Oh, and if you still haven’t picked up Mirror’s Edge, don’t let Yahtzee seduce you into not purchasing it, or whatever. I don’t know.Oh yeah, and if you want laughs, check out this awesome Mario Kart prankster going around France with banana peels and a go-kart:

    Hope you enjoyed this Monstrous PS3 Newswire. It took hours to compile.

    PS3 Newswire – December 2nd

    by MegaClank - on Dec 2nd 2008 - No Comments

    So today has a few more articles than did yesterday. Some include some reviews of a certain Prince of Persia. It’s gotten some good feedback.

    A Prince of Persia Screen!

    * Waiter, There’s Some Beyond Good & Evil In My Prince Of Persia [Kotaku] Unlockable Elika Skin!
    * Heavy Rain will use SIXAXIS to ‘push, hit, or kick’ [PS3 Fanboy] Sounds innovative? And for you Trophy Hunters, it supports Trophies.
    * Rumor: Sackboy como personaje invitado de Everybody’s Golf [PSN!] I suggest you learn to read Spanish. Pretty much, SackBoy is rumoured to be going into Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds like Kratos did.
    * Red Bull becomes first brand on PlayStation Home [Brand Republic] Just what everyone wanted, Red Bull in HOME. It’s not like they’ll screw it up, it’s nice to see some partnerships.
    * Sony Offering Red And White PS3 Demo Discs [Kotaku] The white pill.
    * LBP Play, Create, Share scores reactivated ‘soon’ [PS3 Fanboy] Ever play LittleBigPlanet? You’ll notice those scores under the “Me” section haven’t worked all launch, which is over a month now, they worked in the Beta, and they will work again, “soon.”
    * PS3 version of Resident Evil 5 to include exclusive documentary [PS3 Fanboy] Exclusive Hollywood documentaries.
    * 2008 VGAs To Feature Jack Black, God Of War III, Uncharted 2 [Kotaku] This sounds like a must-see, remember December 19th, 9PM EST, don’t forget!

    Black will not only be hosting the awards, but also premiering his video game Brütal Legend at the show, sharing the stage with exclusive premieres of God of War III, Fight Night Round 4, Terminator Salvation, Uncharted 2, Watchmen: The End is Nigh and Mafia II. The press release also teases a special Gears of War 2 announcement and “other surprises.”

    * SingStar Updates [PS BLOG] If any of you have this game, I guess you’re in luck with all these updates!
    * Your Questions Answered: Prince of Persia [PS BLOG] A very in-depth Q&A for nearly everything you wanted to know about Prince of Persia. Why the art change, acrobatic elements, Elika button-mashing will do no good, Trophies, single-enemy-boss-fights and much more!
    * Sonic The Hedgehog, The Chessboard [Kotaku] Time to learn how to play chess, Sonic and gang, on a chessboard? Must buy. For a friend at least?
    * Udon’s New Chun-Li Comic Gets Thighs Just Right [Kotaku] What with Street Fighter IV and the new Street Fighter movie coming out, it seems fitting to add a new comic book series going over Chun-Li’s experiences right?

    Oh and, does Yakuza 3 mean anything to you? How about after this eleven minute clip?

    Looks great doesn’t it? You’re wrong, it looks fantasmical. The game will be sold in an 80GB Ceramic White PS3 Bundle. Only 10,000 bundles will be made in total. In Japan it will sell for Â¥45,980 ($493) on February 26th, concurrent with the game’s official release date.

    Pretty big day . . .

    Xbox 360 Newswire – December 2nd

    by Mark - on Dec 2nd 2008 - No Comments

    Here’s all the latest news stories for Xbox 360.

    Midway games sold
    History of Prince of Persia
    Xbox 360 sales soar
    DRM gets more stick
    Halo 3 Legendary map pack discount

    Check back for more stories later.

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