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Titanfall for $37 & More: Today’s Amazon Deals

by Austin Paul Adamson - on Apr 22nd 2014 - No Comments

Today is Earth Day! But that has nothing to do with the lightning deals being video game related today on Amazon. ...

Skylanders SWAP Force Review

by Diego Escala - on Oct 25th 2013 - No Comments

Skylanders SWAP Force Developer: Vicarious Visions Price: $75 (starter pack only) Platform: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii, Wii-U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One A PS3 & Wii-U copy of Skylanders SWAP Force was supplied to us Parents beware, it’s Skylanders SWAP Force season. ...

Skylanders Are Coming, Prepare Your Wallets

by Diego Escala - on Sep 24th 2013 - No Comments
Skylanders SWAP Force_Slobber Tooth

I hope you’re ready for some Skylanders because we’re bringing it hard with three new trailers. ...

See What’s New in this Skylanders SWAP Force Trailer

by Diego Escala - on Sep 19th 2013 - No Comments
Skylanders SWAP Force_Stink Buckler (Stink Bomb_Wash Buckler)

I hope you calmed down from your toy addiction after Disney Infinity because it’s time to reignite it with Skylanders SWAP Force. ...

New Skylanders Characters Revealed at Gamescom

by Diego Escala - on Aug 22nd 2013 - No Comments

Activision unvieled four new characters for Skylanders SWAP Force at Gamescom this week. ...

Skylanders SWAP Force E3 Trailer

by Diego Escala - on Jun 12th 2013 - No Comments

I might be the only one actually excited for Skylanders Swap Force. I saw a lot of potential with Giants and it would’ve been a genuinely great game for all ages if it modernized some mechanics. Check out the E3 trailer and get hyped. ...

Skylanders SWAP Force Presentation

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