10 DLC Characters That Need to Be In Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT (Part 2)

The 5th entry on this list contains spoilers for Final Fantasy XV.

A new day means a new list, so here are the top five characters that need to be in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. If you haven’t seen the first half of this list, check it out here.

5: Ardyn Izunia (Final Fantasy XV)

This entry contains spoilers for Final Fantasy XV.

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that Ardyn is one of the stand-out characters from Final Fantasy XV, as few villains are as simultaneously mysterious yet charismatic as Ardyn. For background purposes, Ardyn was set to become the first Lucian king some 2,000 years before the main events of Final Fantasy XV. After stopping the Starscourge plague by absorbing it himself, Ardyn was turned into an impure daemon, meaning he could not become king, or even die. Though he saved his future subjects, Ardyn was cast out by his younger brother due to his “tainted” status. These events would make Ardyn despise the royal family, and set in motion his plot to end the Lucian family line 2,000 years later.

Ardyn would play very similarly to Noctis, due to their similar Armiger abilities. Ardyn’s attacks would be more aggressive though, leading to more risks but heavier damage. Ardyn could also take advantage of his daemonic abilities, providing him with ranged blasts and beams composed of daemonic energy. Ardyn could even leave afterimage versions of himself that paralyze enemies with a “daemon/Starscourge” status when hit, making him a tricky character to approach. If we wanted to get really crazy, Ardyn could buff himself by absorbing daemons, or even by draining the health of daemon-afflicted opponents. He could even change into his daemon appearance as his EX effect. There are a lot of cool tricks Ardyn could have up his proverbial sleeve, and really, don’t you want to see him casually turn into his opponents and back as his victory pose?

4: Lann and Reynn (World of Final Fantasy)

World of Final Fantasy is a weird, fun, and incredibly charming Final Fantasy spin-off. Full of iconic characters and monsters, World is the most recent Final Fantasy spinoff and one of the most memorable. Lann and Reynn are a twin brother-sister duo who suddenly find themselves tangled up in a dimension-spanning adventure to recover the memories of their true selves and to save the world of Grymoire. Though the story is all well and good, the truly special gameplay of World is what makes the idea of Lann and Reynn’s inclusion so appealing.

The major mechanics of World of Final Fantasy are based around changing between chibi and regular forms, stacking allies on top of you, and capturing enemy monsters. If Lann and Reynn were included in Dissidia NT, they could work as a team unit built on the idea of “stacking”. The two would be in their chibi forms with one on top of the other, with a swappable monster serving as their third wheel. Lann and Reynn’s bravery attacks would have the two of them attack in chibi form, with most of their ranged attacks coming from whatever monster is currently stacked on top of them. So if you were to do a standard Bravery attack, a chibi Behemoth would swipe at the opponent, while pressing forward and attack would swap the Behemoth for a Cactuar who would shoot needles, or a Chocobo who would charge forwards. Then for HP attacks, Lann and Reynn would temporarily transform into their larger selves, casting magic or attacking with more chibi monsters. Out of everyone on this list, I think Lann and Reynn would have the strangest and most diverse moveset, so I’d love to see what Square Enix could do with them.

3: Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)

It’s shocking to think that Square has yet to include Final Fantasy XII’s leading man in Dissidia NT, but there’s still time to correct this mistake. The charming sky pirate helped fill the gap where a main character should have been in Final Fantasy XII, contributing to his status as a fan-favorite character. Even those who aren’t fond of Final Fantasy XII typically like the charismatic scoundrel, or they at least like him more than Vaan (poor, poor Vaan).

Other than Final Fantasy VIII’s Laguna, Dissidia games have never really had a character whose moveset is primarily gun-based. Balthier would be a fantastic ranger fighter, shooting off different types of bullets and bolts from different guns and crossbows. If we were to explore the Gambit system like Vaan’s moveset does, we could add in some mid-range spear and pole attacks to keep enemies from getting too close. For his HP attacks, Balthier could use smaller versions of his various Quickenings from Final Fantasy XII. Fires of War, Tides of Fate, and Elements of Treachery would all fit his ranged playstyle, as Balthier would just dole out tidal waves, shots, and comets to flatten his enemies. While he’s one of the more predictable characters on this list, I don’t think a single person could deny Balthier’s status as one of the most wanted characters.

2: Vivi Ornitier (Final Fantasy IX)

Another unsurprising entry to be sure, but a welcome one. Vivi is the ultimate Black Mage to the Final Fantasy fan community, as his meek demeanor and unending kindness make him as endearing as a character can be. His journey to find confidence and self-worth is heart-warming, and his design is simple but fantastic. I’m always down to see more mages in Dissidia, so Vivi fits my bill perfectly.

As could be expected, Vivi would be a totally ranged fighter. His Bravery attacks would be the standard offensive spells (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, etc), with the exception of more specialized magic. Vivi could use Demi to constantly take away ¼ of the opponents current Bravery, or Drain, where holding down the attack button slowly drains the enemy’s Bravery until they hit you. These commands would make Vivi’s moveset stick out when compared to other mages, especially if his gimmick was the “Focus” command.

We could make Vivi’s attacks do a very average amount of damage, unless you’re able to use the lengthy “Focus” command, which would increase his damage output, draining speed, and possibly upgrade Demi to Gravity or Graviga, which would take away ½ of the opponent’s current Bravery. Vivi could take more damage to balance this out if necessary, which I think would make for a genuinely exciting playstyle. Vivi’s HP attacks would be the more powerful Black Magic spells from the series, like Ultima, Flare, Meteor, and even Doomsday. He could even turn into his Trance form in EX mode. The possibilities are limitless for our small and lovable mage, so I hope Square puts a lot of time and care into Vivi if they decide to include him.

1: Auron (Final Fantasy X)

And we finally reach the character that I want most in Dissidia NT, Auron. As a Guardian to High Summoner Braska, and eventually to Braska’s daughter Yuna, Auron is considered to be a legendary figure in the world of Final Fantasy X. Seemingly every character in X, friend and foe alike, knows about Auron in one way or another, which is completely understandable since he’s cool as hell. In all seriousness, Auron is one of the most popular characters from Final Fantasy X, so I’m surprised that the stoic Ronin has yet to be made playable.

Auron is the embodiment of the Samurai class, but with a heavier focus on pure strength. I’d like to see Auron with no magic whatsoever, instead serving as the polar opposite to Vivi. Auron’s moveset would be entirely made up of physical attacks and skills, making him an absolute beast when close to his opponent. While his range would be limited (even in his regular moves), Auron’s moves could do insanely heavy damage to make up for it. His entire character could revolve around breaking his opponent’s Bravery as quickly and easily as possible, making an up-close battle a terrifying and difficult affair.

Auron’s HP attacks would be based on his skills and his Overdrive, and each could have a residual effect after it hits. Power Break could lower the opponent’s base Bravery on their next refill, while Magic Break could eat away at their EX gauge. Bushido, Auron’s Overdrive, could be his EX state, allowing him to use powered up versions of close-range punishers like Tornado, Dragon Fang, and Banishing Blade. Auron could be a physical powerhouse in Dissidia, all while wearing his super slick shades.

And those are the characters I want to see in Dissidia Final Fantasy: NT. Who do you want to see? Leave your comments below!

10 DLC Characters That Need to Be In Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT (Part 2)
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1 Comment

  1. Jim

    January 13, 2018 at 7:18 am

    Final Fantasy IX, that was one of the best in the series. Vivi is certainly one of my favorite characters & Auron is right up their as well. 🙂

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